{things that make me smile}

 Thanks to those who left the sweet comments on my last entry~
It really made me smile reading them.!.

I wanted to share some photos of my board that I have hanging above my desk.
I collected my favorite pictures, lyrics of songs, and tags~
I wanted to be able to look at it and it make me happy. Happy to see all the things that I love. I wanted it to look peaceful, and it to bring me inspiration.

 I have had this Hancock carpet magazine ad folded up, and put away for several years now. I have always loved the beautiful colors that the room had, and the pretty little girl, and her gorgeous curls! ;)
I was happy when I could finally put it out on display~

The above is a beautiful post card that my cousin brought back to me from Chicago! I love it~ It adds the perfect touch. {thanks McKenzie, I will think about your description of Chicago that you shared with me every time I see it!}

I found the above sunset picture from my last trip to the ocean. it makes me feel peaceful.
Also above, New York & Company tag from a recent purchase.

I received these adorable tissues in my stocking for Christmas. I couldn't resist putting one up! ;)

I received this wonderful bar of Burt's Bees body soap. It smells heavenly, and makes my skin feel so soft~ I thought the packaging paper was too pretty to throw away!
                       Below, one of the many verses of songs that made it to my board. Love that song.

Another phrase of lyrics.

        The finished product~ I am pleased with how it turned out. The last time I re-did it I just threw some pictures up. This time around I took my time, and went through my drawers, and stacks of cards, and papers.

Have a wonderful evening~ I love Thursday nights. I stay up a little later since tomorrow is Friday, and Fridays are always more relaxed~ I love them! ;) My mom and sister, and I are going to watch "Road to Avonlea". That is the best series~ I adore them!



Mae said...

Oh my gosh! My mom, my sister and I were literally JUST talking about "Road to Avonlea" LAST NIGHT! We've been wanting to watch it for so long, I haven't seen it since I was, maybe 12. We just found it on Netflix, so we're going to order it!
It's an awesome series, I didn't know anyone else had heard of them!

Mae said...

haha, sorry. I got a little bit over-excited about that! :)

Monica said...

I like the log cabin in your header. Is it near your house?