Am I being unreasonable?

No! not at all!
It's just normal that I get frustrated when the two youngest of the boys sit down for lunch, and because one thinks that the other one is trying to hit him with something, and they get into a big fight. No- it's normal. You are going to get frustrated. You are going to want to raise your voice. You are going to loose your temper.

But.... Do you really have to? Is is a necessary to get frustrated, to raise your voice, or to loose your temper.

Can the problem be resolved *without* doing all those things?

Sometimes. Well, Okay~ Most of the time, I want to do all those things. Show them what I think. Get mad, and give them the "raised eyebrows" talk. ;)

These past few days they have been testing OUR (as in my mom, sister, and me) patience. SOME kind of a fight is going to break out when the boys are within two feet of each other.

Just now Titus came in and said that He had poured water into Gabe's face. Seriously?
They can't just can't get.a.long??

I guess not. We all go through fazes. Fazes when we can't, or don't want to get along. Or something completely different. I know I do. ;)

I seem to be asking myself the question, "What would Michelle Duggar do in this situation?"~ ha!

Thank goodness for forgiveness!!

Have fabulous evening~ I'm so happy it's Thursday! or should I say, I'm happy because tomorrow is Friday!


To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness.

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Karen said...

Try making them sit and face each other. Then they have to think of 5 things they like about the other one. One gives their answer and then the other brother has a turn.Until each one has come up with at least 5 things. Before long they will be laughing and getting along. Just be prepared for silly answers.The object is to get them to see the other one in a more positive way. Have fun! If that doesn't work...send them outside!