my top ten fashion pet peeves

Alright. Let's talk about fashion, shall we?

When you walk into a clothing store what do you see? Are you inspired by all the many items that are hanging on the racks? Or, are you the type of person that just hates to shop?

I want to share some of my fashion pet-peeves. You ready?

1.} When people call skinny jeans "jeggings". *clears throat*. They are not jeggings. There is a fine line between, jeggings, and skinny jeans! Jeggings are leggings made with the print of jeans. Don't wear jeggings as jeans unless you have longer top that will cover your back-side. If you *do not* have a longer top on, then don't go out in public. Jeggings worn as jeans are not flattering! Don't do it! Save yourself the embarrassment!

2.} Missing and matching stripes and floral print. I recently saw it done, and it's not cute. You may think, "Oh, I'm going to be so creative, and put stripes with floral print together." It is not creative. It looks completely, and totally like you got dressed in the dark! I'm sorry, but it does!

3.} Wearing uggs with shorts. Oh, no. Not cute! When I lived near a college I saw it done a lot by the college girls. The only kind of boots that look appropriate during the warm months, are cowboy boots. They look very cute with dresses, and skirts. But no uggs! Don't do it!

4.} Socks, and sandals. Again- not cute! Enough said~ ;)

5.} Not wearing a tank top under a shirt that needs a tank top. I normally wear a tank top under everything, unless it is a sold print, pull over, or without buttons. Besides tank tops helping with covering up, they can be so cute when you layer them and have them coming out beneath the bottom of your shirt. You don't have to have just plain, solid colored, you can get ones with lace, or beading. There are some very cute ones!

6.} Wearing things that do not fit your body shape. No matter how much you love an item, if it does not fit your body shape don't get it, or wear it! There are certain styles of clothing that are very flattering to certain body shapes. Some things are not made for a certain body shape, and they just will not look good. So don't wear an item that isn't flattering, JUST because you love it!

7.} Over the top make-up. Make-up can be so very pretty, but if you do not put it on right, or put TOO much, than it can really ruin your appearance. I have seen people with over the top eye shadow, and it looks so bad! Blush is also one that you can ruin. If you put to much it will look like you have been slapped, and it isn't pretty!

8.} Sloppy Dress. I hate seeing people out in public, that looked like they crawled out of bed. It really doesn't set a very good statement about yourself. I heard a story about a women who always made sure she was dressed well when she went to work at a dry-cleaners. She ended up getting a job as a secretary for a lawyer, because one of the costumers (the lawyer, that she now works for), was very impressed with how well she dressed, and how business like her attitude was. So even though you may not think that people notice whether or not you are in your PJ's, they do!

9.} Underclothes Showing. Whether it's peeping out of the top of your pants, or bra straps coming out, we just don't want to see these things! Keep the unmentionables hidden!

10.} Un-kept hair. Hair that looks like it needs a cut, color, or wash is not very pretty!
It doesn't take much to keep up your hair. It is extremely easy to schedule a hair appointment to get it cut {or just do it yourself, if you feel that you know what your doing!} , or to buy a box of hair coloring. And don't argue, and say that washing hair is too hard... It doesn't take much to get it clean!

So there you have it!~ My top ten pet peeves when it comes to fashion! You definitely have an option on whether or not you are going to keep yourself looking presentable or not. It is very easy to put certain items of clothing together, and form a cute outfit. Try to look your best!

You don't have to be drop-dead gorgeous to look good, and you also don't have to have gobs of money to get cute clothes! I have found a ton of very cute items at consignment shops, for very reasonable prices.

Quality means everything! I got a Banana Republic cardigan at a consignment shop a couple of months ago, and I love it! It is extremely high quality, and is very warm. I also don't have to wash it every time I wear it because it is wool. I also got a J. Crew wool sweater, that I love! It is cream and green striped, so I can wear it with either black or brown, which is very nice. Both of those items where a lot cheaper than they would have been if I had purchased them from the stores at full price, and I can't tell that they had been worn before I purchased them.When you walk into a store go with a open mind. If you don't know about something try to picture it on someone that you know that is very pretty, and put together.

And I am going to have one bonus pet peeve! ;)

11.} Don't let it go to your head! There is nothing that I hate more than someone who thinks they have it all together. Or thinks they know everything about style, and they want everyone to agree with them! Don't be prideful- that is the *MOST* un-fashionable thing that there is!

{ While we are on this subject, I would like to let everyone know that I do not mean to come across as "the fashion authority", or a know-it-all. I can assure you that I do not know it all! Everyone has their own personal style. I understand that not everyone is going to agree with me, and I don't expect you to!}

Have a wonderful, and fashionable evening! ;)



Lady B said...

Just so you know, I love wearing toe socks with my flip-flops.
I thought I would give you fair warning :)
Through Christ,

Ellie said...

Haha! Awesome post! Though socks, shorts and sandals is the trademark fashion statement of the city I live in. So here that's commendable! :)

Alexandra! said...

I thing Iagrree with most everything, except, I don't cut or dye my hair....but I do wash it! :)

Alexandra! said...

ooooppsss.... agree

Olivia Coy said...

AMEN! I was reading and nodding my head...especially with the jegging statement.