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Thanks so much Aunt Monica! (www.soakingupthesonshine.blogspot.com)

Cousin pictures....

These are pictures that I borrowed from My Aunt's blog from when we visited in the past couple weeks.


As you know we recently moved to a new town. We had been contacting a family and later found out that we would be living on the same street as one another! We are very blessed to have such wonderful and kind neighbors as them. They are a christian family and have girls me and my sisters age. It is very good to have as good as neighbors as them, and they have really made us feel very at home and blessed!

My new look

So I changed the format an colors of my blog (duh) ! I know I just changed it a few weeks ago, but I wanted to give it a old fashioned look. If anyone passes over this blog, know how to design your own format, instead of what "blogger" offers; please let me know!! I really want to know how to design your own! Thanks!

packing, moving, unpacking...

Alright I know I have not been posting lately but I have good excuses! We moved! Now you can see why I have been absent!! But I have finally settled down to do a post!
I must say moving isn't easy; it is one tough process. We are doing pretty well, I must say! The kitchen is done, mine and Abigail's room is almost done, the boys room is almost done and the master bedroom is almost done, and they living room is almost done. But the supposed to be school room is full to the brim with boxes! Oh, well, we'll get to it sometime. We really like the town and house. The backyard is great! It is nice and big!! I think we will be quite happy here!
I will try to post pictures soon!

Bye for now!

Happy St. Patricks Day!!

Hello everyone!
Happy St. Patricks Day! I put "Irenlands Call" at the top of my playlist in honor of St. Patricks Day! Have a great day!!

Levi always looks so cute on his Big Wheel! It is about the size of him!

Titus the Great!

Titus put toilet paper on the ends of a plastic sword for His exercising! Pretty Creative, Huh!

Potty Training

Levi Was so cute the other day when He Went to the bathroom! He asked for the paper!! : )


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Mercy Seat

"You said that I could come into His presence without fear,
Into Your Holy Place, where your mercy hovers near.
I'm running, I'm running, I'm running to Your mercy seat,
Where Jesus is calling, He said His Grace would cover me,
His love will flow freely, He will supply my every need,
I'm running to the mercy seat, I'm running to the mercy seat."

Film blog

I wanted to again share this blog address with you all, it is for the new upcoming documentary that I am doing with a few other girls and their familys! If you are interested please e-mail me or leave a comment with your e-mail address and I will get with you!
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Side bar videos

You may have noticed I added videos to my sidebar. I wanted to add just one, but they all came up and they all are the same song. But I just thought I would let you know that they are really good and you have to watch them!

Snow pictures!

This is the snow coming down! Isn't it pretty~

Celtic Thunder

Have you ever heard of the Irish group of men called "Celtic Thunder"? Their voices are amazing! I love them! There is this one song called "Irelands Call", and it is one of my favorites! : ) Having that little bit of Irish blood in me, makes me very inspired! But there is this one boy in it, and He is only probably thirteen or fourteen, and he has the best voice! It is really funny to see Him and the rest of the grown men singing together! We watched them on youtube with our mom today. I love hearing their music!



I love spring it is so refreshing and buetiful. The buds have opended up and the flowers are blooming. It is so pretty, and truly shows God's wonderul works!

New Format..

As you all can see, I redid my blog and gave it a whole new look! How do you like it?? I was kind of getting sick of the green!! : ) What do you think...


One of my favorite movies!

My day...

So I thought I would do a post about my day from the beginning to, well, right now!

I woke up this morning to a beautiful sunshiny day! I was not wanting to get out of bed, but since I new I would have to sometime I went ahead and jumped up. I did my regular routine, make bed, get dressed, read my bible, and fix my hair. I went downstairs and helped with breakfast, and we ate, and had our bible study. After that I did my "job" better know as "chores", and that "job" was cleaning the windows and sweeping out our pantry, hall closet, and laundry room. When I did the windows my younger brother got the bright idea to lock me out of the house, so I ran around the house several times trying the doors, and He eventually let me in. : ) I then brushed my teeth, and did school. I got done about 11:45, (this was a really good day in school) and we went outside. Then we came inside and ate lunch, then I folded a load of laundry. I moved the couch and danced in the living room , and I have been watching the old black and white "Nancy Drew" ever since! It is a beautiful day today, and my Grandparents will be coming tonight so I better go tidy up the house soon! This post was probably kinda boring but... I felt like posting it!! I hope everyone has a blessed day today!!


. What is your name? Lydia

A 4 letter word: look

A boy's name: Liam

4. A girl's name:

An occupation: Singer6.

A color: sienna7.

Something you wear: shirt8.

A Food: steak9. Something found in the bathroom: soap10.

A place: South Park
11. A reason for being late: stomach ache12.

Something you shout: SUPER!
13. A movie title: Sense and Sensibility!!!!!!! Woohoo!

14. Something you drink: SODA
15. An animal: snake16.

A song title: Savior Song (rachael lampa)17.

A verb: swings


Here is a blog I thought I would share with you all. My aunt is doing it and I thought that I would share it with you-


I am sure she would love to hear from you all, so post comments when you want!

Snow, Snow, Snow..

It's snowing!! It is really pretty I will have to post some pictures and videos soon!