Moving on.

As much as I hate to say it, I will no longer be blogging here. I have been forced to create a new blog, because they will no longer let me upload a photo for my header. I hate to end this blog. I WILL still be blogging, and I WILL keep this blog open. Please everyone-- followers and commenters-- come and follow me to my new site! I will be continuing blogging, just not here. So....

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They Won.

They did it.

As we sat there huddled under out blankets, and umbrellas we watched as their team won. They won against the completely undefeated team-- and that made them happy. The game started off by the opposing team scoring first. Then the first home run was hit, and their one score was taken quickly taken away, and there were four put up for our team. They whole game went like that- completed with a second out-of-the-park home run.

It felt good to watch them crowded around the tiny table in the middle of Dairy Queen late after their game. They broke out in their muscle arms, and peace signs when the camera came out, and some of them just looked bewildered as to why I was taking the pictures. But I knew. I knew that someday-- maybe in the future, or maybe just in a few weeks ahead-- Gabe will look back at those pictures and remember the feeling of winning... and beating. It was a good feeling.

They now will go onto the field being more sure of winning, because they know their team can win... and they know they can win good.

to my mama

Happy Mothers day to the most wonderful, loving, and fun mom!

I know that it isn't always easy for her to be a mom to us, but at the end of the day she always has hugged each of us goodnight, and told that she loves us-- regardless of the way the day has gone, or how we have acted.

 I remember the night that we moved from our home that we had lived in for seven years, and we arrived in our new town a our new house very late at night, and we were all tired, and extremely sad. She was so positive that night, and comforted me so much. Looking back now I know that she felt just as bad as we did, but she didn't show it. She has always tried to show us the good things that come out of situations, and I really love that about her.

Thank you for being such a wonderful Mama to me. I love you so much, and I thank God that He gave you to our family, and made you my Mama.

Happy Mother's day...


ready or not.

The morning came too soon today-- yes Monday mornings always do-- but it came. Trying to stop it wasn't an option so I decided facing it with a plastered on smile was the best option.

The beginning of the week is good sometimes. After basking in the weekend and all it's pleasantness, the week is a refreshing new start. You can take the memories created over the last two days, and go forward with them... and trying very hard not to look back.

I fell a sleep multiple times while laying in a chair reading today. I tried not to, at least when any one as around . (I'm sneaky like that). But I ended up falling asleep despite my sneaky intentions, and woke again soon, and that officially ended my afternoon nap.

I'm still in denial that the royal wedding is over. The one that I have been looking forward since November, 16 2010. Yes, that one. It's over. The hoopla, the ceremony, the excitement. All of it... but the wedding spirit still exists. The tea pot (with the tea bags still in it) is still sitting out on the counter, there is still a picture of William and Kate as our screen saver, and I still have "Congratulations William and Kate" as my skype status. Like I said- I'm in denial.

Oh, and by the way... Haagen-Dazs COFFEE ice cream is now one of the things that I have to have if we go to the store after a baseball game on Saturdays. It's the icing on the cake.

The week days have started. One down, four to go.

But even in the midst of that first, busy day of the week, there are the moments that are calm, peaceful, and make all of the chaos 100% worth it. So ready or not... the week comes.