Here is a video of Levi after he learned to swim that day..... he was so cute!


New look....

I thought I would change my blog to look alittle more summery.... how do you like it???


Video bar...

Ok, I found that one video from the DVD, but I couldn't put just that one... so the one that you can watch is the one where it has all five of them sitting there.


The impersonatoin on.....

Damien McGinty.... from the group Celtic Thunder! Laura, you came really close, so I thought I would go ahead and tell! I am about to go put a interview of Damien McGinty on my sidebar.... so watch and see if you can hear any resemblance in the way they talk.... their is one interview on their DVD the we have, and Gabe sounds like him, and says the same stuff, but I don't know if I will be able to find that one.


Imitating on------ = )

WARNING: this is only meant to be funny, not realistic, or done with good acting! = ) -------------------------------------------
Gabe and I were playing around with my camera and decided that we would have some fun with imitating ------ ------- ...... here is the video I took of him... after watching it leave a comment with who you think he is imitating... Carrington I know you know who he is imitating so don't say! = ) I have a video of me doing it but, I don't know if I will post it or not.... it shows my silly side, big time!! = ) Should I post it or not?????
Anyway here it is... Sorry it is sideways!

P.S the singing is not good at all...because there is no music and he wasn't putting much effort into it!



Lily Kate and I~

~Lily Katherine~

The Many Faces of my dear cousin...= )

(I will be hearing from her about this = ) )

Sisters, Sisters, There were never such devoted sisters...

Mama took this picture of Abigail, Lily Kate, and I when we got home from Church today... we look so devoted don't we = ) ?!


~My Hair Cut~

Today Mama cut my hair because it was getting really long! She just trimmed it alittle and cut shorter layers... I am very pleased!


May I have this Dance?

Here is a video of Levi & and I dancing.... quite an experience! = ) He was so cute doing it! Enjoy, our performance!


P.S. I am nothing spectacular! = )

My Playlist.... and why I have the songs that I do....

I thouht it might be entertaining for my readers to read why I picked the songs that I did to have on my blog... here are my answers-

1. Come By the Hills- Because I just like that song, and it is very soothing, and pretty.

2. Lauren and I- I just love that song!

3. Down to the River to pray- Because I like that song alot~

4. O The Deep, Deep love of Jesus- I love that song!

5. Amazing Grace Bagpipes- I just love Amazing Grace, and the Bagpipes

6. Completely- Because I saw heard the song in "Facing the Giants", and I thougth it would be a great song to add to my collection! = )

7. Legend Of The Falls- I love that musical piece!

8. Something Beautiful- I just like that song!

9. Legacy- Again, I just like that song = )

10. Steal Away- Pretty song...

11. Heartland- I like the Song, and fun to dance too! = )

12. The Butterfly- So pretty!

13. Caledonia- I really like that song, and I know all the words so it is fun to sing along!

14. The Voice- Just like the song

15. Spanish Lady- Very fun to listen too!

16. Desperado- Hmmmmmmmmm, I don't really know! = )

17. Ireland's Call- one of my favorites!

18. Castles in the Air- I like the song...

19. Mercy Seat - I love this song!!

20. Give me your eyes- Like lots of others, just like the song!

21. Can't Slow down- SO Very Pretty! = )

22. Fathers Eyes- I love that song!

23. There is a fount- I just love their voices and that song!

24. Canon in D- Such a Melancholy sound : )

25. Caledonia- Ok, why is that on there again??? Oh, I forgot I put the wrong version on the first time, this one is alot prettier!

26. Highlander- I love classical pieces like these...

27. Freedom- one of my favorites!

28. Music From the Patriot- Pretty! = )

30. Something Beautiful- The longer version...

31. Red Letters- Abigail did a dance to this and looked the song up one day, and I had heard it when she was practicing it and I really liked it so I added it!

32. It's A Sunshine Day- I love this happy song!

33. One Bad Apple- This was funny when I found it, because Mama sings the chorus once in a while, and it was fun to finally hear the whole song!

34. Puppy Love- I really love this song, but it only has the very first part! Oops!

35. The Sky and The Dawn and The Sun- This is my favorite song Celtic Woman sings!

36. Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen- Well, Celtic Thunder Sings this song, and I liked it so then I printed off the lyrics, and then I decided to add it to my play list, but couldn't find them singing it so I just settled for this one! = )


Ireland's Call....we are still working on it = )

Here is the latest practice..... they are still working on it = )

Wonderful visit with cousins, and aunt!

Aunt Monica, Carrington, and Clayton came for a visit Wednesday, and went home today! = ( They were going to stay another night tonight, but sadly had to go home today because Clayton wasn't feeling good when he woke up and then threw-up. And with a newborn in the house, we didn't want anyone to get sick! But We had a wonderful time and can't wait to see each other again, here are som pictures from our visit, I have a bunch more to post later!


Singing exsperience... = )

Ok, there is this song that I love,it is called "Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen" it is so catchy and is very fun to sing.... the only problem is that after Abigail lisens to the guy that usually sings it with a good voice, and I get the lyrics, and try to sing it, she doesn't find it very good sounding! And that could be a problem when I am sitting outside right behind, her trying to give it that "catchy and very fun to sing" sound... so for some reason when I sing it, it doesn't sound the same as it usually does when she lisens to a good voice sing it! Yes, I guess when I am hooked on the song, that could be a problem! = )

Maybe she will learn to like my voice....but I really don't think that will happen! = )

Ireland's Call....= )

Well, in the last post I said something about Ireland's Call, and the more to come on that.... well here is the "more to come"! = )
If you went to our play blog, you may have seen the video of them doing it,(they are a whole lot better now *(wink) *(wink) )Well, Today I practiced with Titus and Gabe, I had the parts that Clayton normally sings, and since he wasn't here to fulfill his part, I got it! = ) Let me explain about the parts that I was supposed to sing and my voice that I was going to have to fill those parts with.... one of the parts is song by a man with lets call it "man style Opera", and I just wasn't given that type of voice (thank goodness! I don't think it would really go well, with me!) And the other part, I can "act" Little better = ) So when it came time for me to sing "man style Opera", I gave it my all-in-all! = ) Lets just say that My "audience" found it more humorous than good sounding!
The boys do a nice job, but poor Titus just can't contain his laughter! : ) And Gabe fills his part pretty good, I just love his "Irish" accent! Very authentic buddy! = )
Can't wait to see what it turns out to be tomorrow at practice with Clayton! I will try to post a video!

Good night to all-
~The man style opera singer~ ( Just kidding)

*My Day* = )

Today has been a good day, filled with visiting with Grandparents, Cleaning The Kitchen, Playing with little brothers, practecing Ireland's Call (more to come on that), blog hoppin', cleaning bathroom and many other things! Hope your day has been as good as mine! = )


Coming To Visit!!!

Our Dear Auntie and Cousins are coming for a visit tomorrow! We are very excited, and can't wait till they arrive!

Photography contest...

I entered a photography contest her are the photos I am entering!

~Sleeping Baby~


Here are a couple videos of Lily Kate that I took of her... I just couldn't resist taking some videos and pictures, of her she looks so cute sleeping like that!


Levi and His little Red Wagon...

Lil' Lily Kate~



Eliza tagged me with a quiz... here are the quistions and my answers~

Would you rather wear casual clothes or dressy? probably casual but I don't mind dressy.

Do you wear any make-up? No, only lipgloss once in a while!

Would you rather have your bedroom on a top story or bottom? Probably the top...

Do you like heels or flats? Heels, but I don't really have a favorite!

Sorry Eliza it took me so long to do the quize!


~Lily Kate and I~

I took this picture of me and Lily Kate while I was watching her for Mama.


Latest photo...


~Mama and Lily Kate~

Today mama took Lily outside to do a "photo shoot", the pictures were really good!


My new header...

How do you like my new header? I am very pleased as punch about it! = ) Please leave a comment and let me know what you think~


Day full of Bowling, picking out things, and making flip-flops...

Our friends down the street, Ansley and Ashlyn, and their mom, asked us to spend the afternoon with them, and go bowling and decorate flip-flops...so thats what we did! We had quite a fun time, and really enjoyed ourselves! Bowling was very fun, and we really enjoyed decorating our flip-flops!


Pictures of Lily Kate~

Just some pictures, that I thought you might all enjoy!

Have a great and blessed day!


Same blog....

Yes, it is the same blog, don't worry! I just changed it up a lot! = ) I tend to do that lots of times....as my regular blog readeres know! Sorry for those who get sick of me changing it! = )



My Scrapblog I created. Do you like it??