Thou none Go with me

Thou none go with me, is a touching story, about a girl and her Father, set in the nineteen-fifty's, and America was deep in the Korean War. She is swept into a love story with the new associate minister in the small town that she is disport to get out of, until her thoughts change...and her faith is tested.

I highly recommend this movie... but don't watch it if you don't want to cry!

Love comes Softly

I watched "Love comes softly" today. This movie is one of my favorites, it is meaningful and entertaining at the same time. It has such a great story line, and is so good. I would highly recommend this movie, to anyone who has not yet seen it. It just thought that I would share with you all my opinion on this movie....

"Love isn't always Fireworks, sometimes Love Comes Softly"
-Sarah Graham.


I started a blog called "Inside the recipe box", I thought some of you may want to visit it, I will be posting recipes that we make and that are good for certain occasions. Here it is-



Hey everbody-
I have a new poll on this blog, and I can see that some of you have voted, could you please leave me a comment telling me which one you voted on? Thanks....and I will post soon!

What is it???

Is my new sibiling a boy....or......
A girl???

Random Pictures

My this is a picture of my ballet class, going on point for the first time... boy did it hurt! I will have to post the story of my point shoes later! I am the one with the leg warmers on, the black things on my legs are leg warmers.


Me and Abigail un-decorating the Christmas tree. (That was a few weeks ago : ) )

Typical Titus

Blue eyed baby boy : )

Simple Womans Daybook~

My simple woman's daybook post~

For Today: January 15, 2009
Outside my window: Sunny, and Cold!!!
I am thinking: What I am writing
I am thankful for: My warm home : )
From the kitchen: talking and eating
I am wearing: hot pink shirt and gray sweat pants
I am reading: The Bible, and Almost Home
I am hoping: I can work on a trailer
I am hearing: my mom talking on the phone and me whispering what I am typing
Around the house: fairly clean
One of my favorite things: my new digital camera
I accomplished since last week: going on point again
A few plans for the rest of the week: school, work on a trailer, blogging, and reading.

Random Pictures

Mr. Man Levi

Unique, huh?

Miss Me

Levi (can you tell he is popular with my camera! : ) )

~Our Visit to Pecan Pastures~ part llll

Kenzie doing school
Our baby powdered faces, Lots of fun : )

Mckenzie, Abigail, Madeline, and Me, and the cameras

The Girl cousins (Mariah was in bed)
Thank you so much for our fun time! Hope to be able to see you all again really soon!

~Our visit to Pecan Pastures~ part lll

Abigial and her Amish Cousin McKenzie

My Amish Aunt (We were having fun, can you tell)

Matthew the Amish Bulldog fan, Hahaha!

Enjoying the Hot Choc.

~Our Visit to Pecan Pastures~ Part ll

Abigail with her Hot Chocolate
Malachi eating an apple

Kenzie doing dishes

Matthew in the tree (it was getting dark, can you tell : ))

Abigial and Mariah playing on the tire swing

~Our trip to Pecan Pastures~

~This is for M, M, M, M, M and Aunt Marcy and Uncle Marc~

Job well Done Coconut : ) (I know this is nasty!) But you would have to hear the story behind it to have the special effect, Right : )
Mr. Darcy and Abigail's Curl!

Mr. Darcy

Me (Lydia) on the way down there

Watching, on the way down there


I am reading several different books right now. With all my school books plus free reading books that I got for Christmas I have a wide range of books to choose from! I am now reading for Free Reading the following books-

The Daughters of Faith Series: Mary Chilton called "Almost Home" ,and I have read the one about Mary Bunyan
Called "The Tinkers Daughter".

Mr Pipes and the British Hymn Makers

I will share with you all some more of what is on my bookshelf later : ) Now I must go update the rest of my blogs! God Bless~


Whats going on....

I know I have not updated much lately, I have just not had the time for blogging! Anyway,
We had a wonderful Christmas this year. I got a new digital camera, so lots of pictures will be coming soon! I can assure you : ) I got tons of wonderful gifts this year. I am so excited about them all. We had such a wonderful time this year, and hope that you had one also!
By the way, Happy New Year~