I am reading several different books right now. With all my school books plus free reading books that I got for Christmas I have a wide range of books to choose from! I am now reading for Free Reading the following books-

The Daughters of Faith Series: Mary Chilton called "Almost Home" ,and I have read the one about Mary Bunyan
Called "The Tinkers Daughter".

Mr Pipes and the British Hymn Makers

I will share with you all some more of what is on my bookshelf later : ) Now I must go update the rest of my blogs! God Bless~



Sara said...

I've never read those, but I will see if my library has them. I just finished reading a awesome book, The Kellyhorns by Barbara Cooney.... oh my goodness! It was amazing! Stop by our blog, there are lots of new posts!
Plus a vid of me!

Lydia said...

Hey Sara! I will!