~Our trip to Pecan Pastures~

~This is for M, M, M, M, M and Aunt Marcy and Uncle Marc~

Job well Done Coconut : ) (I know this is nasty!) But you would have to hear the story behind it to have the special effect, Right : )
Mr. Darcy and Abigail's Curl!

Mr. Darcy

Me (Lydia) on the way down there

Watching, on the way down there


McKenzie Elizabeth said...

Lydia, You are a sick puppy putting that dead mouse picture on your blog! :>) I liked the pictures! Especially the one you posted of me in my p.j.s hahaha

Abigail and Lydia said...

I thought you would like the one of the mouse! And the P.J.S! Sick puppy, haha! I new all the people in blog world wanted to see that one! : )


Rose said...

Is that McKenzie's horse? I heard about the other one dieing, that was sad. Very pretty horse!

In Christ,

Eliza said...

Cool, yah that mouse is pretty grose, but may I ask why you killed it? :) And, why you took a picture of it? :)


Abigail and Lydia said...

yes, that was sad! And that one is her horse.

I know it is grose! we didn't kill it their cat coconut did, and the picture taking thing is all because we were having too much fun!