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Olivia Coy said...

Hello Abigail. Well, I am Charlotte Lucas and my brother is playing Mr. BIngley. We have practices each week...which is fun since it's with all of our friends. There are 6 English Country dances in it and I am helping choreograph them. What an undertaking. We have 3 of the dances done so far...some music just needs to be picked out for one of them. I have the sound track from the newest movie and we are going to use one of those songs. I signed up to play the piano in it too. The song I'm doing is complicated so my piano teacher is making me work extra hard so it's ready by April. My mom, her friend, and I have started on my dress this week. It's a peach/rose color and then it has a creamy colored over lay that is split open in the front so more of the peach can be seen. I really can't wait to see the finished product of it!!! Hmm...that's all I can think of for right now. Maybe I'll get some pictures on there when we are doing something fun or when my dress is a little further along!

Have a great day.