I sat here for a minute.. trying to decide what to title this entry. It still doesn't have a name.
I might just leave it like that...

The house if finally quiet for the first time since everyone started waking up this morning.
Mondays are a busy day around here.. I guess it's like that in every home. I read posts about other peoples Mondays, and they sound alot like mine. On Mondays it seems that the chaos, the noise and the stress is multiplied times ten.

Today Abigail has ballet in a town about an 1 and fifteen minutes from home.
At 5 o'clock her and Mama, were running around trying to get out the door on time.
Mama was giving me instructions like::

"The bread is taken care of, the spaghetti sauce is almost finished, and the noodles can be cooked a few minutes before you eat"...


"Make sure that Lily Kate stays with you the whole time, don't take your eyes off of her.
Put this much water in the bathtub when you bathe her. {holds up fingers to show how much.}" ;)

It's a bit overwhelming to be told everything to do, and hope that you don't forget anything!!
I actually kind of enjoy staying with everyone. Tonight we read "Molly: An American Girl", and the boys actually really enjoyed it!~

 Sunday was sunny and cool. We went hiking for a while before it got dark. I don't necessarily l.o.v.e hiking. It's just not really my thing. I don't get all into it, and wear my braided hemp bracelet, and bandanna on my head! ;)

{no offence if you do wear hemp bracelets and bandannas on your head. "Be who you are, say what you feel. Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind". ~Dr. Seuss. I got to give it to Dr. Seuss for that quote. Love the way he put it. }

 This picture reminds me of the verse, ..."You have made known to me the path of life, in your presence is fullness of JOY, at your right hand are pleasures forever more."
 The woods are a very peaceful place. I loved the river flowing along side them. It really made it even more peaceful.

I tried uploading more of the pictures that I took, but it just wouldn't work. I will try again tomorrow...

may you have a wonderful, and {p.e.a.c.e.f.u.l} Tuesday.

"Tomorrow is a new day, with no mistakes in it."
~Anne Shirley

{I don't know how many times I have used that quote on here, but I never get sick of it!}

my top ten fashion pet peeves

Alright. Let's talk about fashion, shall we?

When you walk into a clothing store what do you see? Are you inspired by all the many items that are hanging on the racks? Or, are you the type of person that just hates to shop?

I want to share some of my fashion pet-peeves. You ready?

1.} When people call skinny jeans "jeggings". *clears throat*. They are not jeggings. There is a fine line between, jeggings, and skinny jeans! Jeggings are leggings made with the print of jeans. Don't wear jeggings as jeans unless you have longer top that will cover your back-side. If you *do not* have a longer top on, then don't go out in public. Jeggings worn as jeans are not flattering! Don't do it! Save yourself the embarrassment!

2.} Missing and matching stripes and floral print. I recently saw it done, and it's not cute. You may think, "Oh, I'm going to be so creative, and put stripes with floral print together." It is not creative. It looks completely, and totally like you got dressed in the dark! I'm sorry, but it does!

3.} Wearing uggs with shorts. Oh, no. Not cute! When I lived near a college I saw it done a lot by the college girls. The only kind of boots that look appropriate during the warm months, are cowboy boots. They look very cute with dresses, and skirts. But no uggs! Don't do it!

4.} Socks, and sandals. Again- not cute! Enough said~ ;)

5.} Not wearing a tank top under a shirt that needs a tank top. I normally wear a tank top under everything, unless it is a sold print, pull over, or without buttons. Besides tank tops helping with covering up, they can be so cute when you layer them and have them coming out beneath the bottom of your shirt. You don't have to have just plain, solid colored, you can get ones with lace, or beading. There are some very cute ones!

6.} Wearing things that do not fit your body shape. No matter how much you love an item, if it does not fit your body shape don't get it, or wear it! There are certain styles of clothing that are very flattering to certain body shapes. Some things are not made for a certain body shape, and they just will not look good. So don't wear an item that isn't flattering, JUST because you love it!

7.} Over the top make-up. Make-up can be so very pretty, but if you do not put it on right, or put TOO much, than it can really ruin your appearance. I have seen people with over the top eye shadow, and it looks so bad! Blush is also one that you can ruin. If you put to much it will look like you have been slapped, and it isn't pretty!

8.} Sloppy Dress. I hate seeing people out in public, that looked like they crawled out of bed. It really doesn't set a very good statement about yourself. I heard a story about a women who always made sure she was dressed well when she went to work at a dry-cleaners. She ended up getting a job as a secretary for a lawyer, because one of the costumers (the lawyer, that she now works for), was very impressed with how well she dressed, and how business like her attitude was. So even though you may not think that people notice whether or not you are in your PJ's, they do!

9.} Underclothes Showing. Whether it's peeping out of the top of your pants, or bra straps coming out, we just don't want to see these things! Keep the unmentionables hidden!

10.} Un-kept hair. Hair that looks like it needs a cut, color, or wash is not very pretty!
It doesn't take much to keep up your hair. It is extremely easy to schedule a hair appointment to get it cut {or just do it yourself, if you feel that you know what your doing!} , or to buy a box of hair coloring. And don't argue, and say that washing hair is too hard... It doesn't take much to get it clean!

So there you have it!~ My top ten pet peeves when it comes to fashion! You definitely have an option on whether or not you are going to keep yourself looking presentable or not. It is very easy to put certain items of clothing together, and form a cute outfit. Try to look your best!

You don't have to be drop-dead gorgeous to look good, and you also don't have to have gobs of money to get cute clothes! I have found a ton of very cute items at consignment shops, for very reasonable prices.

Quality means everything! I got a Banana Republic cardigan at a consignment shop a couple of months ago, and I love it! It is extremely high quality, and is very warm. I also don't have to wash it every time I wear it because it is wool. I also got a J. Crew wool sweater, that I love! It is cream and green striped, so I can wear it with either black or brown, which is very nice. Both of those items where a lot cheaper than they would have been if I had purchased them from the stores at full price, and I can't tell that they had been worn before I purchased them.When you walk into a store go with a open mind. If you don't know about something try to picture it on someone that you know that is very pretty, and put together.

And I am going to have one bonus pet peeve! ;)

11.} Don't let it go to your head! There is nothing that I hate more than someone who thinks they have it all together. Or thinks they know everything about style, and they want everyone to agree with them! Don't be prideful- that is the *MOST* un-fashionable thing that there is!

{ While we are on this subject, I would like to let everyone know that I do not mean to come across as "the fashion authority", or a know-it-all. I can assure you that I do not know it all! Everyone has their own personal style. I understand that not everyone is going to agree with me, and I don't expect you to!}

Have a wonderful, and fashionable evening! ;)


what I write when I have writers block.

I have writers block. Imagine that?
I started a post yesterday, and clicked 'save now' as a draft. Thinking that I would finish it later. Obviously I didn't. ;)

I don't know what it is. I have stuff I could write about. Sure- I could tell you about standing in Kroger going through my mom's coupon envelope, looking for the one for tea. {which by the way, my favorite is 'Wild Berry Zinger'- just FYI!}
Or- if you don't want to hear about that, which I highly doubt you do, I could tell you about jumping on the trampoline with my brothers, because they had been begging me to. And, then of course I could tell you about taking the trash to the curb. and getting rid of the pile of boxes that are sitting the garage.

But I seriously doubt that you would want to hear about that~ am I right??

Well, that is really all that I have to tell about, so I will just pick one of the above three topics, and tell away!~

I enjoyed my time jumping on the trampoline with them this evening...
it wasn't too cold, and it was just starting to get dark.
We jumped, and we played ring-around-the-Rosie {mature, eh?}.. and we laughed, and laughed. They are pros when it comes to laughing? yes- even when it isn't that funny!!

I have decided that Levi is still a baby {don't tell Him though.} I know he IS four years old. But still oh, so baby-ish at times! I love it when He wants me to hold Him.
Or tonight, when He started crying because He didn't want me to go inside, when we were jumping.  He melts my heart sometimes!

Well, my sister came to me a few minutes ago, and asked if I wanted to watch a movie with her. I have a portable DVD player, and we will sit on my bed and watch movies. It is so much fun. I think she is getting used to me letting her use it, even if I am not going to watch it with her. I told her that I was going to finish writing this post, and then I would be up to watch it with her. She said, "You want me to just go set it up." Which really means, "You want me just to set it up, and start watching!!"

I don't care~ She is extremely careful with stuff like that. Except when she left MY mp3 player in her pocket, and it ended up in the washing machine!! {it worked fine after that, by the way.}

So I am off to watch "Little House on the Prairie"... hopefully it will be an episode with Mrs. Olsen, and Nellie. They are my favorite characters!
Who doesn't just lOVe them. They are the best, and the worst. at the same time~


{funny thing- I started this post with writers block. It didn't last for long!}

Can You see the (L.O.V.E)?

I love waking up when the sun is pouring through the windows. It had been a while, but finally on Friday morning, the sun appeared again.

The snow had finally melted away. Then on Thursday evening it started snowing again. And we ended up with about 2-3 inches~ I take back what I said a few posts back, about it probably being one the last times that I got to sled this Winter. ;)


 I love shots that are real life. Not posed. Everything is just like it is. Like when there are toys laying around, and the 4 year old is trying on pointe shoes.

Those are the best shots.  They really portray your life well! ;)

I know that I may have been sounding like a broken record in some of my past posts. Complaining about everything.
I didn't mean it like that. I was just telling it like it was. Not sugar coating everything, and making it sound like everything had gone right, when it hadn't. Just thought I would clarify. Oh, and things are going better now~ I guess it was those hard week days that just get to me!~ Hopefully next week will be better. :)

This is my new favorite picture. It's the screen saver on our computer, in my header, and in this post. I love it. Can you see the love? The admiration?
I can~...

Am I being unreasonable?

No! not at all!
It's just normal that I get frustrated when the two youngest of the boys sit down for lunch, and because one thinks that the other one is trying to hit him with something, and they get into a big fight. No- it's normal. You are going to get frustrated. You are going to want to raise your voice. You are going to loose your temper.

But.... Do you really have to? Is is a necessary to get frustrated, to raise your voice, or to loose your temper.

Can the problem be resolved *without* doing all those things?

Sometimes. Well, Okay~ Most of the time, I want to do all those things. Show them what I think. Get mad, and give them the "raised eyebrows" talk. ;)

These past few days they have been testing OUR (as in my mom, sister, and me) patience. SOME kind of a fight is going to break out when the boys are within two feet of each other.

Just now Titus came in and said that He had poured water into Gabe's face. Seriously?
They can't just can't get.a.long??

I guess not. We all go through fazes. Fazes when we can't, or don't want to get along. Or something completely different. I know I do. ;)

I seem to be asking myself the question, "What would Michelle Duggar do in this situation?"~ ha!

Thank goodness for forgiveness!!

Have fabulous evening~ I'm so happy it's Thursday! or should I say, I'm happy because tomorrow is Friday!


To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness.

{so much for my sad song}

The first thought through my sleepy head when I fell outta my bed is I

Hope the sky is grey I’m gonna write a sad song today.
So I make up my mind, slip on my shoes
I’m gonna pick up a paper and read the news
Cause I’m sure to find enough blues to write my sad song
But when I open the door and the sun spills through
Takes away my breath and I think of you
 and the only blues to hit my Eyes are those beautiful blues
 in the clear blue sky

So much for my sad song
So much for my sorry attitude

Let’s make this a love song instead
Cause I’m so in love with you
Come on let’s go out and play
Save the sad song for another day
No time for tears
I’m wearing a smile
So much for my sad song, yeah
So much for my sad song

So I pick up the news like I said I would
Drop my jaw right where I stood
Cause the headline reads ‘All the news is good because love is on the way”
And love floods the world right before my eyes
Everybody is dancing and slapping high fives
And such beautiful music fills the skies and we all sing along
And now I snap out of my daydream
And I can’t believe how real it seems
But I keep on dancing anyway
Cause it’s turning out to be a beautiful day

So much for my sad song
So much for my sorry attitude
Let’s make this a love song instead
Cause I’m so in love with you
Come on let’s go out and play
Save the sad song for another day
No time for tears
I’m wearing a smile
So much for my sad song

Sometimes I measure my day by how many things go my way
And when things go wrong I usually get mad
But this time I’m glad my song didn’t turn out sad

So much for my sad song
So much for my sorry attitude
Let’s make this a love song instead
Cause I’m so in love with you
Come on let’s go out and play
Save the sad song for another day
No time for tears
I’m wearing a smile
So much for my sad song, yeah
So much for my sad song
{::Chris Rice~ So much for my sad song::}

Did you wake up with a gray cloud over your bed?? I did~ Literally.
There was nothing but grey clouds outside.

Last night Abigail had ballet in a town about an hour-and-a-half away, and my dad had work off yesterday, so I went with them. My mom and I went to Whole Foods, and the mall.
We had a very good time!!

We got home at about 10:15, and once I had done some stuff, and gotten my shower, is was 11:30.

Needless to say, I was sleepy. ;)

Morning came to early! I was not ready to face the day. I was still tired, and I had a bunch of stuff to do today. More than usual.

I had to::

do school work
do the rest of school that I didn't get to finish yesterday
finish cleaning bathroom
clean living room
and more...

I just woke up with a big frown. I wasn't going to have a good day. I knew it!!!

but like the song says... so much for my sad song. ;)

It ended up not being too bad. Yes, I still had a bunch of stuff to do, which most of it got done... and I ended up having a smile. Just like the song said! See::
Doesn't my cleverness kill you? Ha!

I hope you have a lovely evening~!

{saying goodbye...}

...to the snow~

I hate to say goodbye. To good things. ;)
Even if it's just a small thing... Or big. It's always a little sad.

Even though it is good to see the sun shining through the windows after three days of cloudiness, I still don't like seeing patches of grass around the yard.

I went sledding this afternoon. It was probably one of the last sledding times of the year.
Lily Kate joined me for a few turns, and loved every minute of it. At one point when I thought we were going to flip ;), I looked down at her, and saw her face peeping out of her hat, and her big blue eyes were sparkling, and she had a big smile. I then realized that even if we did flip, it would be completely worth it.

As you can tell from the pictures she as pretty enthralled with the snow~ :)
 I mean seriously? Who doesn't like to eat snow?
 She loved it~

Hope you have a wonderful weekend~


{things that make me smile}

 Thanks to those who left the sweet comments on my last entry~
It really made me smile reading them.!.

I wanted to share some photos of my board that I have hanging above my desk.
I collected my favorite pictures, lyrics of songs, and tags~
I wanted to be able to look at it and it make me happy. Happy to see all the things that I love. I wanted it to look peaceful, and it to bring me inspiration.

 I have had this Hancock carpet magazine ad folded up, and put away for several years now. I have always loved the beautiful colors that the room had, and the pretty little girl, and her gorgeous curls! ;)
I was happy when I could finally put it out on display~

The above is a beautiful post card that my cousin brought back to me from Chicago! I love it~ It adds the perfect touch. {thanks McKenzie, I will think about your description of Chicago that you shared with me every time I see it!}

I found the above sunset picture from my last trip to the ocean. it makes me feel peaceful.
Also above, New York & Company tag from a recent purchase.

I received these adorable tissues in my stocking for Christmas. I couldn't resist putting one up! ;)

I received this wonderful bar of Burt's Bees body soap. It smells heavenly, and makes my skin feel so soft~ I thought the packaging paper was too pretty to throw away!
                       Below, one of the many verses of songs that made it to my board. Love that song.

Another phrase of lyrics.

        The finished product~ I am pleased with how it turned out. The last time I re-did it I just threw some pictures up. This time around I took my time, and went through my drawers, and stacks of cards, and papers.

Have a wonderful evening~ I love Thursday nights. I stay up a little later since tomorrow is Friday, and Fridays are always more relaxed~ I love them! ;) My mom and sister, and I are going to watch "Road to Avonlea". That is the best series~ I adore them!



Yesterday marked a small mile-stone for me, and my blog~
I made it to 5-0-0 posts! in a ways it sounds like a ton...
when you think about every single posts that make up 500!!

Then it doesn't sound like that much when you think about the long-time bloggers that have been going at it for seven or eight years!~

I have loved blogging. It inspires me to be creative, and artistic~
I remember the very first blog I ever got on, I was amazed that there was such a thing as a b-l-o-g!! ;)

I have had mine for about 2 years. I had taken only a hand full of pictures when I first started. I wasn't really interested in photography a ton. But that year I got a camera for Christmas~ From then on I have lOvEd photography.

Like blogging, photography also inspires me to be creative, and artistic... It gives me a feeling of pleasure like nothing else does~

I think blogging has been really good for me. It has been kind of like my online journal.
It will be so much fun to be able to look back at old posts in the years to come, and see how much everyone has changed, and read about what was going on in our lives.

I never thought that I would enjoy it as much as I do. But I really, really do.

 It amazes me how many people have blogs!! I would LOVE to be able to read the very first blog post, e.v.e.r. Wouldn't it be so interesting? I wonder how many comments it got? :)

I used to be really worried about how many comments I got on each post. I would worry if my number of viewers would go down, or if I went a while without getting a new follower.
My mom would tell me, "Just treat your blog like your journal. Do it for yourself". I didn't really pay attention to the comment at the time, but now realize that it's a lot easier running it like that~!

Sure, I absolutely love getting comments, and new followers. It makes my day when I see a new face in my followers box, or if I get comments on a post~ But I can't judge how people like me by how many followers, or comments I get.

 I don't think that I anticipated getting so into this thing called blogging~
but I guess I did! ;)

I have "met" some really neat people. I love reading about peoples lives. You can find so much inspiration through people, and their blogs.

 I have felt like laughing, and crying when reading peoples blogs. It is like you are sitting down, and talking with them. Hearing what is going on in their life at the moment. They can really make you happy, or sad!! ;) believe me~

I have loved my journey in the blogging world so far, and am looking forward to the many posts to come!
Thank you for looking in on my life. It really means a lot to me~ I like knowing that I am getting to share my life with people. It is a lot of fun writing posts.

Thanks for following me up to 500 posts!



Today is the coolest..

wouldn't you just love to be born at 11:11, or 1:11 today.
Or turn 111? or 11!

You would definitely always remember the date and time of your birth! ;)

I was listening to the radio this morning and a man called in who was turning 100.
He was so sweet. The DJ asked Him if He had any tips for young people, and He replied,
"I never drank, I never smoked, and I love the Lord...with all my heart. Amen."
I love to hear about neat people like that.  He probably did a lot of stuff to make it to 1-0-0!!
Not only physical things, but spiritual things also.

 Today the snow started falling again. still is. I'm debating on whether or not to go out and sled. Should I? ;)

Lily.Kate is walking around in her pj's. Not because she already has had her bath, but because they never made off of her today!! Oh, the joys of wintertime coziness!
Levi just got his Hershey Kisses out of the drawer next to me. I asked him, "Can I have one? Can I have three? Can I have 9?" {I was kidding!.!}
He looked up at me, and said, "I don't want to waste them."
I laughed, and explained. I love teasing that kid~ It's so much fun! ;)
 This afternoon I was taking pictures for canvases for the dining room walls...
I just realized that the milk looks green~ really nasty.
It's not..I promise. We aren't ones to keep sour milk in our refrigerator!
I think we need to save this for St. Patrick's day breakfast~ Along with our green eggs and ham!

I'm kidding~ We prefer not to celebrate St. Patty's day with green food!! That's not our thing. ;)

Have a wonderful 11.1.11~ especially if you are born today, or are turning 111, or 11.
Or even if it's just another old day. But it doesn't happen all the time, so just enjoy it!!

have a happy day~