{saying goodbye...}

...to the snow~

I hate to say goodbye. To good things. ;)
Even if it's just a small thing... Or big. It's always a little sad.

Even though it is good to see the sun shining through the windows after three days of cloudiness, I still don't like seeing patches of grass around the yard.

I went sledding this afternoon. It was probably one of the last sledding times of the year.
Lily Kate joined me for a few turns, and loved every minute of it. At one point when I thought we were going to flip ;), I looked down at her, and saw her face peeping out of her hat, and her big blue eyes were sparkling, and she had a big smile. I then realized that even if we did flip, it would be completely worth it.

As you can tell from the pictures she as pretty enthralled with the snow~ :)
 I mean seriously? Who doesn't like to eat snow?
 She loved it~

Hope you have a wonderful weekend~



Alexandra! said...

Those pictures are adorable, and the snow is gorgeous!

Meredith said...

haha i love the one of her eating the snow! so cute :)

Sisters of Grace said...

She is so cute!

Yeah for 500 posts! Keep em' coming:D


Elizabeth said...

Hi Lydia! Thanks for your comment:) I have really enjoyed looking at your blog and your sisters blog. You both have some great pictures on them too! Enjoy your weekend!

Lady Helen Mar said...

Haha, do not be too sad. It will probably be back in a few days or so. You never know with our weather. One moment it could be pouring rain, then sunny and hot, then snowing like crazy.
Okay, not quite that extreme but our weather is pretty unpredictble which is why we often laugh at the weather man.
Hope you had aa great day!
Through Christ,

Love Unawakened said...

Adorable pics!!!

Eliza said...

So cute!


Anonymous said...

Can I clone your article to my blog? Thank you…