packing up, and moving out

The movers are here, and I am surrounded by boxes~

Once we had all of our stuff that we wanted to keep with us together, it was relatively easy..
Mama, Abigail, and I  even went shopping yesterday.. and we went again today! Wow- who new moving could be so easy?! *wink*

There isn't really anything to do- you kind of feel lazy. Haha! You can just sit back and watch the movers pack everything up.. or go shopping. {grin}

I might not be able to post for a little while- but I may be able to post when we stop by my grandparents.
I will miss you all!
Until then...


{This is a picture of Levi and I with the huge train that he built around the living room...I know it is not the best!}

"can you watch me run?"...

tonight Abigail and Mama went to a kids consignment sale. As they left I was standing on the front porch with Levi and Titus waving. When they drove away I felt this hand on my leg, and a little voice say, "Ydia {his from of Lydia☺}, can you stay out here, and watch me run?"...

so he ran around in circles, in the rain. Around in around in circles..

and I sat there watching him run...
and I never wanted the moment to end....

but there was a dirty kitchen, a crying baby, and two baskets of laundry calling my name. :) But I watched Him run. He enjoyed it.. so did I.


since when...

We are cleaning today, so it will be ready when the movers get here Tuesday..
I have used 1357 paper towels {okay maybe I am over acting just a bit.☺}
I have smelled Clorox way to much.

my our world is slowly but surely flipping upside down..

i'm feeling like this like this. ^
{they were doing a flip *wink*}

I need to go use more paper towels... and smell more clorox... {grin}


why God gave me brothers..

God gave me brothers to understand the fascination for sticks and snails, and puppy dog tails, that's why God gave me brothers.

I don't think I would have believed you if you told me ten years ago that I would have three younger brothers.

They add all the spice and excitement to life, that even a dozen sisters couldn't give me.

They scream {too much}, they laugh {too loud}, they make me want to pull my hair out {a lot}. But they make me scream {too much}, laugh {too loud}, and I make them pull their hair out {a lot}. :)

But that what makes me love them..

They are so different from sisters.

I have always been the one that they expect to dress up with, and play cowboys, and indians. I'm the one that they want to run around the playground with and play tag. And, yes, I have had the best times playing cowboy and indians, and running around the playground playing tag. :)

~tonight I was sitting on the swing on the front porch. I was holding Lily Kate, and Levi was sitting next to me.
There is this song that Levi has been singing for weeks, it is called "He never lets go" {Matt Redman. It's on my playlist somewhere. ☺} He doesn't get the words quite right sometimes, but He doesn't care. :)

So I started singing it, and He joined in, and that set Lily Kate off dancing. And clapping.

We sang to the top of our lungs, swinging back and fourth. We enjoyed ourselves, even if the neighbors didn't!

We had fun, we laughed. {too much!}

It was fun.

I love my brothers. I sure couldn't imagine life without them. It would be too quiet!

Love you boys!


one little...
two little...
three little...


It's not everyday that someone has three little indian's living in their back yard... that's why I consider it an honor. :)

Really I do~

{post inspired by Levi's pants ☺}

tag, I'm it.

~4 Things Found In My Bag/Purse
1. wallet
2. big bug-eyed sunglasses {grin}
3. lipstick
4. vintage pocket mirror

~4 Favorite Things In my Room
1. portable DVD player
2. my shabby-chic bed
3. clothes
4. books

~4 Things I've Always Wanted To Do
1. sing really well
2. visit Ireland, Scotland, and England
3. surf
4. be in a flash mob

~4 Things I'm Currently Into
1. fashion
2. vintage/shabby-chic
3. photography
4. the color white {i.e decorating}

~4 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Me
1. I laugh a lot.
2. I can be extremely corny..{grin}
3. I sing in the shower. ☺
4. I was born at home. My aunt says that I am "Home Grown"! Haha. :)

~4 Songs I Can't Get Out Of My Head
1. "Lead Me", I'm not really sure who sings it.
2.  "Beautiful Ending", Barlow Girl
3.  "Get back up", Toby Mac
4. "The Untitled Hymn", Chris Rice

Well, that sums it all up. Thanks again Samarah for tagging me! I tag anyone who read this~
Happy Monday!


these little feet learned to walk this week.

Babies have it so simple. They have a daily routine. Nothing messes it up.

This particular little baby learned how to walk..I mean really walk this week.
She thinks she is SOO big! :)

{I love these little white lace leggings, I might have to get a pair ☺.}
{here she is showing off her walking skills.}
{there she is in the back, hanging out in her basket.}
She likes to eat her toes.. I wish I was that do I wish. :)
abigail joined in the for the last few shots...

Here are a couple of pictures that I took of Levi and Lily Kate, when I put them in the jogger and we went from a walk. You don't know what it took to get them to both look at the camera, at the same time, and smile!! :) [but Lily Kate wasn't really smiling!!] Was I asking for to much? haha.
My grandparents from my dad's side are here. They came down here to pick up some of our stuff that they we didn't want to be in storage when we moved.

My dad helped them set up a Facebook account today, so I took some pictures of them to put on there.. Here are some that I got~

haha. Isn't this cute? :)

Alex asked me when we where moving-

In about two weeks- wow!!

she also asked me what songs we sang when my cousins leave.

Well, we actually have a few that we sing. Here they are~

The closing song on the Donny and Marie Osmond show, I can't think of the name of it, it goes like this~

"May tomorrow be a perfect day, may we find love and laughter along the way. May God keep us in His tender care, till He meets us together again."

"Friends Are Friends Forever"

"Come by the Hills"

and I think a few more.

I know- we're corny! :o)

Samarah tagged me, and I will do it in the next post! Thanks Samarah~ ☺

Have a great weekend..


finding something beautiful in everyday of life.

Are you up for a challenge? A challenge were your patience is tested, your kindness is pushed, and there are days when you want to quite? Yeah, I thought you might want to! ☺

Well, I am having a challenge. And I want you to join me. This challenge is about pushing yourself to be better then you are today, and developing a better out look on life.

This challenge is about having a positive attitude. Especially when you don't feel like it. It is about finding beautiful things in a crummy day. Making a purpose to find something beautiful in everyday of life.

I am going to list the four things that you have to do in this challenge~

1. Holding your tongue when someone makes you mad.
2. Not only holding your tongue, but replacing what you would have said with something positive. Praise them. Like Michelle Duggar said "There has to be something that they did, that you can praise them for!"
3. Be positive. In a negative situation.
4. When you start thinking about how bad your day is going, look on the bright side, and think about the positive things that have happened.
Okay, now that you know what this is all about, let me tell you how it will work.

If you are up for this challenge, post about it on  your blog, and put the button on your blog. {If you don't have a blog, that's fine too.} Let me know in a comment whether you will be doing it or not. I will post about often, and add new things to the challenge after a couple of days.

I want this to be a thing that will make an impact on your life. Make it better. I want it to bring a fresh, new, positive out look on life~

Hope you are up for the challenge!


okay, things are somewhat back to normal! Yay!! :)

i'm going to be original...

and ask "Where has the summer gone?", like everyone else. Okay? {grin}

Q's & A's

Thank you all for asking questions- I enjoyed reading them!

Now for my answers~

Kyann asked-

"Are you outgoing?"

I am not overly talkative when I am in a group of people I don't know well. But once I get to know you I won't shut up!! :)

"Do you like pudding?"

Well, to tell the truth I never eat pudding. But I do like banana pudding! :)

Alex asked-

"What state do you live in?"

Well, I a not really comfortable posting that on here. Sorry Alex!!

Emily asked-

"Where is your favorite place to shop for clothes?"

We live about 2 min. from a little consignment boutique shop that I LOVE!!! Most of the prices are great {except for the designer jeans- those have really big numbers on the price tags!} I have gotten most of my summer clothes from that shop!

Lahni asked-

"Who is your favorite secular music artist(s)?"

I would probably have to say Celtic Woman, and Celtic Thunder. I love Celtic music!!!

"What is your favorite secular movie/book? What is your favorite Christian movie/book?"

Wow, this will be hard!! My favorite secular movie is "Gone with the Winder" LOVE that movie!! I am not really sure about book- I guess "Gone with the Wind" too. My favorite Christian movie is probably the Sherwood Church movies. {Flywheel, Facing the Giants, Fireproof}. I love those! My favorite Christian book is the Bible, "Peace Child", and "God's Smuggler".

Lahni also asked to share something random about myself. Soo....

I LOVE to sing. I am working on harmonizing- my aunt is teaching me to, I think I am getting better! :) I sing a lot with my sister and mom. Something I really like to do to my sister when we are singing is go off key, or stop singing. She hates it!! {grin}

Something else random~

I am a night owl. I don't like getting up in the morning. I like to stay up late. But the only problem is, is that I am grouchy the next day if I stay up to late! Oh, well~ ☺

Thanks again for asking questions- that was lots of fun~

Happy Saturday!

sadness+happiness=bittersweet memories

Today was a bittersweet day~

Wednesday we left to go visit my grandparents before we move.

Our cousins were there too, which made it even more of a blast!!

But that also means that you have to say goodbye- which doesn't come very easy~ esp. when you are going to be moving far away.

I am best friends with my cousins. I don't really need friends because I have my cousins. (but of course I still like my friends, so no offence to my friends who are reading this- I still LOVE you!) But I am we are very, very close to my cousins.
We have this thing when we leave that we always sing melancholy songs- I know we are really weird!! :)
So when my moms younger sister, and her kids left we broke out in a song and the tears started pouring~ It was very sad. We have only been two hours away while we have lived here, so it was really hard to say goodbye!
Then today when my mom's older sister, and her kids left we did the same thing all over again. And again when we said goodbye to my grandparents.

It is so hard telling family good-bye.

But family is family no matter what!
Carrington and I had a really hard time saying good-bye to each other. We are 2 years and 1 month, and 8 days away from each other. {this is part of her birthday post by the way, which is in four days!!} We have gotten really close in the past few years. When we were little we kind of butted heads, but now we get along real well! :) Anyway, today when it was time to say goodbye we cried. a lot.
(she is going to kill me for this one! )

We cried, and I stopped, then she started up again, and so did I! :)

Dear Carrington,
It was very hard saying good-bye today. You made me so sad! I am sorry my letter that I wrote you  made you cry! :) haha. I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful birthday~ You are a fun, funny, sweet, caring, gentle, godly girl and I love you so much!!

watermelon, me, quistions, sunset, words, little boys, water, silly puddy, Titus, crazy ideas. L.i.f.e.

What pasesses a six year old to put silly puddy all over the lens of Mama's glasses? Huh?
You would never tell from the look in his eyes that He is so mischevious!! ;) We love him, despite his crazy ideas...

These are some pictures that Abigail took of me last night when the sun was setting... please ignore the fact that I look like I have a cinnamon bun stuck on top on my head... it is a very servicible hairdo when cleaning the kitchen!! ;) 
I saw this thing another blog, and thought it would be fun to do~

If you don't know something about me, that you really want to know- ask me!

I think it will be fun to hear some of your quistions- I think? ;)

My eyes might become big as saucers and I might scream if you ask anything to personal- so don't!
Just kidding...☺

~have fun with the quistions. Ask odd things. i.e- What is your favorite brand of clothing? Are you outgoing?
Things like that. Things that I probably wouldn't post about if I wasn't asked~ So ask away!


Bloom! Magazine~

I recently joined the staff of Bloom! magazine. It is a Christian based magazine for teenaged girls. They are looking for writers, photographers, and graphic designers for the magazine. If you are interested in joining the staff to be one of the above please contact Kyann @

I copied and pasted the 'about us' info on the website- Bloom!.
Our theme verse: "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord. "plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Our purpose: The purpose of this magazine is to reach girls across the nation and provide a magazine with devotionals, beauty tips, encouraging articles and more.

Our motto: Bring all your gifts and talents, and Bloom! in the Lord. What this says is to take your talents and use them for God's glory. Bloom! (or, continue to grow) in the Lord constantly.

Bloom! is a monthly, online, Christian magazine for tween and teen girls. Each issue will feature devotionals, inspiring articles, beauty tips, product reviews, and more! This magazine is free but it does cost money to run it, so please pray about a way for you to support Bloom!. We hope that you enjoy our magazine and subscribe to it. Our goal is that our magazine will inspire and encourage girls across the nation in their walk with Christ and to use their talents and gifts to glorify God.

Please check our website often for updates on progress, new staff members, and more. And, don't miss our first issue that comes out October 1st!