sadness+happiness=bittersweet memories

Today was a bittersweet day~

Wednesday we left to go visit my grandparents before we move.

Our cousins were there too, which made it even more of a blast!!

But that also means that you have to say goodbye- which doesn't come very easy~ esp. when you are going to be moving far away.

I am best friends with my cousins. I don't really need friends because I have my cousins. (but of course I still like my friends, so no offence to my friends who are reading this- I still LOVE you!) But I am we are very, very close to my cousins.
We have this thing when we leave that we always sing melancholy songs- I know we are really weird!! :)
So when my moms younger sister, and her kids left we broke out in a song and the tears started pouring~ It was very sad. We have only been two hours away while we have lived here, so it was really hard to say goodbye!
Then today when my mom's older sister, and her kids left we did the same thing all over again. And again when we said goodbye to my grandparents.

It is so hard telling family good-bye.

But family is family no matter what!
Carrington and I had a really hard time saying good-bye to each other. We are 2 years and 1 month, and 8 days away from each other. {this is part of her birthday post by the way, which is in four days!!} We have gotten really close in the past few years. When we were little we kind of butted heads, but now we get along real well! :) Anyway, today when it was time to say goodbye we cried. a lot.
(she is going to kill me for this one! )

We cried, and I stopped, then she started up again, and so did I! :)

Dear Carrington,
It was very hard saying good-bye today. You made me so sad! I am sorry my letter that I wrote you  made you cry! :) haha. I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful birthday~ You are a fun, funny, sweet, caring, gentle, godly girl and I love you so much!!


Alexandra! said...

Awww, I'm so sorry y'all have to leave each other! :(
My cousin, susannah, is my best friend too!
What song did y'all sing?
When are y'all moving?
Hope y'all *LOVE* y'alls new home! :)


Carri said...

Your right Liddie! I am going to kill you for that! Thank you, your writing was very sweet! I am going to miss you VERY much! and we are 1year 11 months and 8 days. :P I think. :)

Love you lots hony bunch! :)


P.s. for other people that read this coment "Hony bunch" is an inside joke. :)