Twenty Random things about me-

Here are twenty random things about me-

1. My name is from the Bible
2. My name means- "Seller of purple"
3. I love the color pink
4. I am a Christian
5. I have three younger sibilings, will be in July four!
6. I have brown hair
7. I love taking photos
8. I like to sing
9. I am a dancer
10. I enjoy reading a good book
11. I love summer!
12. I love pecans
13. My favorite food is fruit
14. I enjoy blogging
15. I like to do my math on a "good math day!"
16. I enjoy being homeschooled
17. My favorite day of the week is Friday, and Monday
18. I can speek some Latin
19. I enjoy teasing people
20. I am tall

How did I do??

I tag-

Aunt Monica
Aunt Karen

Our Family...

Our Family is better know as....

The family that has that girl that rides the big wheel in the front yard, with her little brother, (it is a sight to see, but who doesn't like a little bit of fun!)

The family that has the big wheel with the bumper sticker on the back that says- Turn in poachers, 300 dollar reward, (where did that come from?)

The family that has little boys running around in the outdoors with "Indian Paint'' on their faces.

The family that would wave signs in the front yard with the presidential candidate's name written upon it.

The family that seems to be growing every three years, neighbor- "I thought they had four kids?, Since when did they have five?, Oh, Honey, look, the mother is pregnant!"

Trailer for Unending Joy- made by Sara

Tailer for Unending Joy- made by Sara

Unending Joy

I am doing this thing with a few girls that will be in an upcoming documentary. It is going to be discussing topics- family, the home, modesty, homeschooling, relationships with your family, and living your life for Christ. If you would like to learn more about it here is the website for it-

You can leave comments asking any quistions, but we just ask that you have an acount, in other words anonymous comments will not be posted.

Happy Birthday, Aunt Monica!

Happy Birthday, Auntie! You are a great Aunt!

Voddie Baucham speech

My family has been listening to a Voddie Baucham speech on a CD. It is so good! I love the fact that He is thinking out of the box, that most preachers are thinking in. He is so intelligent, and goes so deep into things that most preachers today would never think. The disc that we are listening to is talking about today's children and attitudes. The thing that I love so much is He said parents today and their training of their children is like filling a bucket with a whole in the bottom. And He goes through all the things that you need to apply to your children's training, then at the end He says, when you apply Gods teachings, and His ways, you are not only filling the bucket but there is no longer a hole in the bottom. The one main thing that He was talking about was Youth Ministry's in churches. He said they are trying to make them as entertaining and appealing to their students as possible so it will attract them.

How do you expect children to learn anything if they are not being trained in the home by their parents and the Churches are failing? I being a "child" of my parents may come across to you odd that I am posting about something that is really for parents, but when your not used to hearing such deep stuff it is encouraging and I just thought that I would share it with you.

"It" is.....

There will once again be baby bloomers, little white shoes, and hairbows in our house!!!
Yes, It is a girl!

The gender of the Baby is....

The gender of the new baby is.... Drumroll please....... You are going to have to wait!!! : )
I will let you all know soon~!

America's Corrupt nation

America's is corrupt Nation is going to far. In ways of economy, dress, speech, and entertainment. God can't be pleased with us, as a nation. And I think the reason why we are in the mess with the economy is because we have lost reverent fear for God and propriety. People can't say that they don't get what I am saying, because look all around you, it is not the way America was even 10 years ago! It is going to be a time in history if people don't wake up and get their heads out of the sand, and look and see what is going on in our nation. Everything evolves around our government, and when the government undertakes bad decisions it enters the homes of family's and people and destroys them in many ways. And I think that the people that know the truth about whats going on need to fight for whats right and understand that nothing is going to happen unless the American people stand up for what this country started at and needs to keep! We went to walk at the park today, and there were things there that are just the slightest example of what the country is coming to. People have absolutely lost propriety for everything, what happened? People have no respect anymore what so ever! There is so much filth in the things that I listed above, dress, speech, and entertainment. Some of the ways people dress is so awful, and it is mostly the young teenage people of today that were brought up in homes that were not instructed by the parents, and what do you expect if the parents have no authority over there children. People have no respect for what they say in public and the home. Entertainment, it has been destroyed! It is FILTHY!!! And until the people wake up, well, we will have to leave that up to God.

Please leave me a comment telling me what you think about this topic...


"When there's boys There'll be noise"- Michelle Duggar

But sometimes you can get them quiet!! : )

What has happened???

What has happened with today's music? It has changed so much! There used to be such classic voices, that everybody loves. I would much rather hear Debbie Reynolds over Carrie Underwood, or Judy Garland over Mary.Mary. No I don't listen to them, I don't even now anything about them, but I have heard a song they sing, and Judy Garlands voice is a whole lot better! : ) No offence to anyone who listens to them! : P And I am not saying that all music today is like that, I very much enjoy Steven Curtis Chapman, Selah, and a lot of Christian Music. But I like the Classic all American genuine Singers! What do you think???

My First Blog award!

Bible verses

I thought I would share with you all some of my favorite Bible verses that I like and that I just thought were good-

Galations 6:10
Psalm 27 (My mom and sibilings all learned this, it took a while! : )
Psalm 1
Ephisians 6: 10-20
Psalm 86:11-14
Eccl. 9:10
John 10:10-11
Isiah 53:5 (I love this one!)
Deut. 30:19
1 Peter 2:9
I Corin 16: 14
Titus 2:11-14
Eph. 4:31-32
Jer. 29:11
John 15:13
1 John 1:15-16
Matthew 12:35
Phil. 4:4-8
Corithians 6:19-20
Prov. 3:5-6

I love to memorize scripture, because it is such a great weapon and a great thing to know!
Hope you enjoy!

By the way I have new music, one of my favorite songs on there is "Mercy Seat", It is close to the bottom. Enjoy!

The Duggar Family

The Duggar family is such a great family, that is Godly, funny, entertaining, interesting, they are just such an inspiration for other families! They are so interesting to watch! Some people would think them tacky, or not cool... They are about as cool as you can get! It isn't very often that you see, a family with 18 kids, and home school, and keep up with all a large family tasks! I love them!!!
I think they are such a great witness for other people!

Eatin' an apple

Facing the Giants

One of my all-time favorite modern day movies is, Facing the Giants! I love this movie. I think that every family should see it! It has such a great message, and is humorous too! I think it is so cool that a church got together and did it themselves. Please leave a comment telling me what you thought of this movie!

"If we win we praise Him, If we lose we praise Him"- Grant Taylor