Voddie Baucham speech

My family has been listening to a Voddie Baucham speech on a CD. It is so good! I love the fact that He is thinking out of the box, that most preachers are thinking in. He is so intelligent, and goes so deep into things that most preachers today would never think. The disc that we are listening to is talking about today's children and attitudes. The thing that I love so much is He said parents today and their training of their children is like filling a bucket with a whole in the bottom. And He goes through all the things that you need to apply to your children's training, then at the end He says, when you apply Gods teachings, and His ways, you are not only filling the bucket but there is no longer a hole in the bottom. The one main thing that He was talking about was Youth Ministry's in churches. He said they are trying to make them as entertaining and appealing to their students as possible so it will attract them.

How do you expect children to learn anything if they are not being trained in the home by their parents and the Churches are failing? I being a "child" of my parents may come across to you odd that I am posting about something that is really for parents, but when your not used to hearing such deep stuff it is encouraging and I just thought that I would share it with you.

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(*>*) Jewel '98 said...

Oh, that's cool! He sounds really fantastic. Haha! Filling a bucket with a hole in the bottom. I know, doesn't it seem weird when you feel like your a adult because you like something, but really your a child? :) I feel that way sometimes.
Because of Christ,
Jewel K