Don't be afraid = )

Thought I would give you a little laugh for the day! = )


New Header...

How do you like it? I thought I would make a new one for September. Hope you like it! = )


Pictures of Lily Katherine~

Here are some pictures of Lily kate that I have recently taken... She is so sweet! One night I was holding her, and she smiled so much! It is so precious. = ) I will post more soon!


When you use your imagination...

Who knows what you will come up with = )

Photography conest.

Please go to my photography blog ( to enter my photography contest I am having!


Do Hard Things.

Abigail recently got the book "Do Hard Things" from the library. It is written by Alex and Brett Harris. Now hearing the term "Do Hard Things", several times while Abigail was sharing their philosophy with my aunt at my grandparents house, I began to feel pressured to "Do Hard Things", when we would go out to their pool in the backyard. I have a fear of Diving into the swimming pool, not because it is deep, not because I don't feel like it, it is just that I have a fear of water going up my nose, as soon as I hit the water. Now it may seem odd, but I would make my self feel depressed thinking about how I couldn't dive, yet my six yr. old cousin could. Yes, I know it is silly, but it did. So I gathered the little courage that I had, as I stood there on the diving board staring into the water, and wondering how much would go up my nose.... then all of the sudden I closed my eyes, and dove in, yes, it may have been ugly, I may have looked like a dead duck, but I did hard things. = ) Just what I was going for! I also have learned to swim without plugging my nose, or wearing goggles, I have learned to swim underwater with my eyes open, and I have learned to flip off the diving board! Yay! I am very happy.
So I complete this post, happy, accomplished feeling, and pleased!
Have a good week, and don't forget to "Do Hard Things".

Photo shoot~ part II

Please leave a comment to tell me how you like them!


Photo Shoot~

Yesturday Abigail and I took some pictures with our cameras. I will post more later.


Update on mariah-

I was asked by Eliza if Mariah was doing better, so I thought I would go a head and do a post about how she is doing.

She came home fromt he hospital on Tuesday, and is doing better. She will not be able to do any physical activities for about 2 months which will be hard for her, because she is a very active little girl! So please pray that she will recover very quickly!



Baby Face,

You've got the cutest baby face!


Redneckish.... but so very fun! = )

When we were at my grandparents house, my aunt gave us (my cousins and sibilings) a ride in the back of the pickup truck that she drove down there. It was so very redneckish but so very fun! = ) I being the type of person with no pride thourly embarressed my cousins, by cheering as we went past a house with some people sitting on the front porch! It was loads of fun! ~Lydia~

Prayer Request...

I would like for everyone who reads this post, to pray for my little cousin Mariah, who had an accident, and is in the hospital right now. Pray that she will heal quickly and that she will not be in any pain. Thank you!


Trip Pictures!

Here Are Afew! I will post more later!

Lights, Camera, Jump!

This afternoon, Abigail, Gabe, Titus, Levi, and I were outside. We were sick of playing games, sooo, we decided to take some jumping pictures! I will try to post the rest of them later! Oh,and, yes, I did get the pictures, on here, so I will try to post them soon!



Should I keep the header I have, or change, it to this....


Faithful Commenters....

Where have you gone? Hmmmm?
I promise I will post pictures soon, it justs takes alot to grab my camera and download them to the computer = ) (just kidding!) I will get them on here soon!


Prayer Request.

Hi Everyrone-
I would like to ask you all to please pray for my grandma, who is in the hospital right now because of breathing issues. They are not really sure what is the problem yet. Please pray that God will heal her body completely!

Thank you!



Hi Everyone!
We got home this afternoon, from my grandparents house. We had a WONDERFUL time! = ) I promise to post pictures soon!!

Hope everyone is having a great day!


P.S Please let me know how you like my new format, and header??

I can feel the water now....

Can you tell I am looking forward to swimming? = )

= )

We are going to get to see our cousins, and Grandparents! Here are afew pictures, from when we were together in the past....


Happy Birthday Carrington!

Carringtons birthday is in a few days, and I thought I would do a post about her.....
She is my partner in crime, and is very much like me!
I remeber when she was about 4 or 5 she would not play anything else but "house", or "mother and daughter"! I sure am glad she has outgrown that! We have defidently grown to get along better now that we have gotten a little older! Aunt Monica (her Mom), said when we were reminising, that one time when we were little, we always would fight over, this huge headed baby doll! (we now both hate that one!)
Some of my favorite times of my life have been spent with her!
She is so funny, and sweet! I Would like to wish her a very happy birthday!

I love you very much!


P.S. I can't wait to see you! We will have loads of fun together!


So Yesterday Mama volunteered me to lay down with Levi so he would take a nap without crying a pitching a fit.... so I gave him a bath when we came inside and was all dirty, then fed him lunch.... alright now after getting him ready and we lay down in his room, he decided that instead of taking a nap he would take this time to show off his great snoring noises the only problem is, is that His "baby sitter", doesn't find it very funny after a while. So when I try to tell him to lay down and take a nap and that I was going to lay down next to him, and read my book, he wants to read a book too, when I tell him that he can't, he starts snapping is fingers and finds it very humerus! = )
So he didn't want to lay down with me while I read, he didn't want to stay still, he kept wanting water, and really didn't want to take a nap period. So I just stuck him in his bed while, he babbled away and I read away! = ) Then after that didn't work either, I went and got a classical music Cd,and played it, and believe it or not he was fast asleep in five minutes! I was so happy!
But last night when it came time for him to go to bed, he didn't want to, so, Daddy got the fine job of taking care of him until he decided he wanted to lay down when mama went to bed. But before that I went into my parents room, and found Daddy half way asleep in the bed, Lily Kate in her bassinet, and there was Levi laying between them, looking at books, wide awake! Later when He came into my room with daddy to say goodnight, to mama, Abigail,and me he changed his mind, about finally going to sleep and wanted to stay up some more, so Daddy told him he would into the living room, To watch something on the TV..... but before they got as far to doing that Levi went to bed with mama, and slept all night!
So there you have it, the story of how Levi's sleeping habits have been like!