Don't be afraid = )

Thought I would give you a little laugh for the day! = )



Gran said...

Good shot of Abigail. I like your header. That is a good picture too. Had fun and wish you could have stayed longer. Sorry I didn't get out to watch ya'll. Of course, I enjoyed my time with Lily Kate. Found my back scratcher at the bottom of my bed. Must have fallen out when we changer the sheets. Love you.

~Eliza said...

How funny! Was that set up and planned? I am guessing it was, but I was just wondering. :-)

Brooke said...

I love that picture!!! It's so cute. Looks like fun!

God bless,

The Sisters said...

Hi Gran-
I enjoyed it too! It's ok, I know you enjoyed getting to babysit! = ) That is funny that you found it! Love you!

Hi Eliza-
Well, yes it was kinda planned she said she was going to do it, so I grabbed my camera! = )

hi brooke-