Do you carry a small or large purse? I change purses quite often, but the one I have right now is medium.
What shoe size do you wear?10-10 1/2
What is your favorite season? spring or fall
Have you ever broken a bone? yes = (
What is your favorite school subject? depends.... I like literature a lot.
How tall are you? 5' 6 1/5
Would you rather swim in a lake or a pool? pool, diffidently! = )
Can you climb on monkey bars? Not very well at all! I am usually to tall to do them, though.
Do you like roller coasters? oh, yes! I love them!
Roller or Ice skating? Roller skating
Roller skating of blading? blading, but I think it would be so much fun to ice skate!
Would you rather take pictures or film? pictures
Blogging or e-mailing? blogging
What do you like best about winter? Christmas, and cold weather!
What do you like best about spring? everything in bloom, and warm weather!
What do you like best about summer? School out, and swimming.
What do you like best about fall? Cool weather and pretty leaves!
What is your favorite question on this tag? I like lots of them!
What was your favorite food when you were little? fruit = )
Which do you perfer? Chicken, beef, turkey, fish, or seafood? Chicken

Sorry Eliza, that it took so long for me to do it! Thanks!



Giann said...

Wow. You are taller than me! And I am 1 year younger than Mckenzie!

The Sisters said...

Hi Giann-
Yes, I am very tall for my age. I am the same hight as my sister who is three years older than me. I guess that is what happens when both of your parents are tall!


~Eliza~ said...

Wow you are tall. Is that a womens size 10 shoe? Wow. ;)
My Dad is 6 foot, my Mom is 5.1 ;) :P
Hannah is 5.6, Emma is 5.1, I am 5.3, and Laura is like 4.7. We are a short family!!! :-)

♥ ~Eliza~ ♥ said...

Wow, I was looking at your Christmas photos on the slideshow you have on Amazed By Grace, and your 5.6, and your mother is still alot taller than you! :-) Wow. :-)