We are back from our trip....

and had a wonderful time! On Friday morning we got up and headed to our grandparents house about four hrs. away. We were so glad to get there, and we had a great wonderful time spending time with them! I took a tons of pictures! We had a great time Memaw and Pawpaw! Saturday afternoon we went to my aunt and uncles house, we had a great time! We swam, danced while watching "Celtic Thunder" (the video of us dancing is while we were watching that), played, jumped on the trapoline, had a crunches competition, and walked around the neighborhood. We had a wonderful trip! Enjoy the Pictures!




~Eliza said...

I enjoyed seeing the pictures and watching the video. :) I wish my cousins lived closer. :-)

~Lulu said...

I love the video, it is really funny! But it looks like you all had a LOT of fun!!