ipod... = )

Last night I got my Celtic Thunder Cd downloaded to my ipod. After 1 1/2 years I finally have music on there. I added another song today, and plan to add many more later! But for now here are the songs that I have on there-

1. Ride On

2. Bird without wings

3. My boy

4. Raggle Taggle Gipsey

5. Love The Dearest

6. I want to know what love is

7. not sure

8. not sure

9. Mull Of Kyntire

10. Young Love

12. not sure

13. Danny boy

14. Caledonia

15. Heartland

16. Castles in the air

17. Christmas 1915

18. I belong to you (Katherine Scott)

Got to go watch the duggars!


~Eliza said...

I have an i-pod, but I forgot and left it in the car, and it got a little hot...I am not sure if it still works or not. :(
Guess what? Some friends of our always have this huge kids sale, where peoeple consign, and there are tons of baby items, and clothes. Well anyway, that is going on all this week.there is one in the summer and one in fall.
Well the Duggars are coming here, to my town to go to the sale. They are going to make a show out of it. Like the tv crew is coming and everything. I am not going to get to go when they are there though. So if you watch an episode where they go to a huge kids sale that is here in my town! :P The sale hires people to work there, as cashiers and helpers, and my sister Emma will be working there at that time today..you might see her! :P
Anyway, I think that is cool.
I enjoy watching their show.


The Sisters said...

Hi Eliza-
That is so cool! I can't wait to see it! Thanks for letting me know! I love watching their show each week!


~Eliza said...

I never get to watch it much...when does it come on?

The Sisters said...

Hi Eliza-
It comes on, Tuesday nights at 9:00 P.M