Coke of Pepsi? I don't drink either...

Beef or Pork? Beef

Laptop or blackberry? Laptop, never used a blackberry.

Monday, or Friday? Friday

Eggs or bacon? both...

Do you write letters on stationary or plain notebook paper? Notebook paper

Facebook or Twitter? I don't have either one, but if I did I would have a twitter.

gmail or yahoo? Yahoo.

loveseat or sofa?? Sofa

7:30 p.m or 9:30 p.m? 9:30 p.m

(Just a random quize, that I found on a blog)


Sunday was a very faith testing day for my aunts family.
Mama, Abigail, Lily Kate, and I were going up to their home for the day to meet the new baby. After the two hour drive, we were very anxious to get there. As we turned on to their street we saw my aunt standing at the end of the long driveway on the phone with purse in hand. We were wondering what she was doing since she had given birth to a baby a week ago,(surely she hadn't come to unchain the gate) but as we pulled into the driveway, and rolled down the window, we heard to our horror, that our uncle and two cousins had been in a bad wreck, and that she was waiting for a ride. Mama quickly told Abigail and I to get out, and our aunt told us to tell their friend who was coming to pick her up, that she had already gotten a ride to the wreck scene. We did as we were told, and waited in their house with our other cousins till they got home. While we waited one of their friends came and said that he had seen the wreck because he had forgotten a check he was supposed to give a man at their church, and he needed to go get it, and on the way home, and had seen the wreck. God was definitely doing something. Aunt Marcy, and Mama soon arrived home with Malachi who had been in the wreck and was only bruised a little. We stayed at their house while my aunt went to the hospital. Please keep my Uncle Marc, cousin Matthew, and cousin Malachi in your prayers. Matthew has a broken collar bone, and Malachi who has a broken leg. And they are all very sore. So Please remember them in your prayers! Thank you~

Blissful Fall Afternoon...

After school was done and the kitchen cleaned I grabbed my sunbonnet, blanket, cookie, and camera, and walked out the door, and jumped on my bike. I rode around, dodging pecan trees, and then finally spread the blanket across, the sunny green grass, and fallen leaves. Here are a few pics from my blissful fall afternoon~

A little visitor

my little spot in the grass.

Our Lazy cat lying under the shade of a pecan tree.

my shoes under the sun...


Have a great and blessed day~

Five ways I would describe my fashion style

Here are five ways I describe my style-

1. I love the trendy 50's look... that is one of my favorites.

2. I love jeans... I also like skirts, but they just aren't practical for my everyday life. (don't think they would work while dancing! = ) )

3. I like decorative scarfs and sunglasses, and esp. the big white ones! = )

4. I like bobs, although they would not look good on me.

5. I love jewelery esp. necklaces and big earings

"Mommy, I have a prize for you!"

Levi just came in a few minutes ago, and told mama "I have a prize for you!" He very often comes in with a flower or leaf, but today, he came in with a banana leaf from the tree outside! He was very proud!


The last few weeks have been very fun! The day before my b-day, some friends of ours from back home, came to visit, on there way to vacation. We had a wonderful time! On my birthday Mama took me to a Ante Bellum home that was built in 1898. It was so beautiful! The lady that was there, when we arrived, said that she was not able to go upstairs, but that she could give us the key to the ballroom and look around the house. We had a wonderful time! I also included a a couple pictures of Lily Kate , and a picture of me on my b-day.... Well, that all for now!

Vacant from the world of blogging...

Yeah, I guess you already now this, if you are regular visitor of this blog. So I would like to ask for forgiveness. The reason I have not been blogging on this blog, is because our computer was VERY SLOW! It is now fixed, yay! (the Hallelujah chorus is going through my head =) ) Yes, I am that happy! I have bucket loads of pictures to post, but I have to do some things before nine... so.... got to skitter!

Very happy to introduce to you...

Myles Truth! My new little cousin was born yesterday morning, and is doing very well. He is in the NICU, because he was having some breathing trouble. But He is doing better, and should be able to be back with his mommy today! I love the meaning of his name which is "Soldier of Truth". I can't wait to meet him!


New blog... (I know, I already have too many)

I have a new blog! (suprise, suprise, I know) This one is for me to write what I am doing at the moment, and things about my day... may sound boring, but I will try to make it interesting! = )



feet hurting, going to run/walk...

Just got home from my first point class, my feet are hurting, and I am about to go run/walk... I am going to be tired tonight = ) ... post more later...

Nothing like a screaming cat....

OK, don't be freaked out by the title of this post! ; ) But I thought I would share about the scary and Erie moment I experienced this afternoon.
I had finished school early and was going to run, so I got my ipod and headed out the door. I would run/walk few laps then, come inside occasionally to get water. Well, I was out there, walking and listening to "Caledonia" on my ipod, when all of the sudden, I heard a cat start screaming and a man yelling, I yanked my ear phones off, and listened in horror at the sound of the cat screaming, I looked over at my little brother, who stood wide eyed, probably thinking the same thing that I was thinking, and that was, that our cat had been crossing the road and someone had hit her. As soon as the screaming stopped, I ran into the house followed by Titus, and ran to the front window were I could see the road. I didn't see anything, so I ran into the kitchen where mama was making cookies, and crying and trying to tell her what was going on, we went outside to the road, thankfully we didn't see any sign of our cat, so Mama, told me to call her, and look around for her, so I did, but seeing nothing, and remembering the Erie sound, decided to go inside and take a shower. After a few hours had past, my brother finally saw our cat, and she was unharmed. Praise the Lord! You never really realize how much you love something, until you think that it may be dead (I know that sounded a little naive)
I still don't know what it was, all I know is that I don't like the sound of a "screaming cat". = )

ipod... = )

Last night I got my Celtic Thunder Cd downloaded to my ipod. After 1 1/2 years I finally have music on there. I added another song today, and plan to add many more later! But for now here are the songs that I have on there-

1. Ride On

2. Bird without wings

3. My boy

4. Raggle Taggle Gipsey

5. Love The Dearest

6. I want to know what love is

7. not sure

8. not sure

9. Mull Of Kyntire

10. Young Love

12. not sure

13. Danny boy

14. Caledonia

15. Heartland

16. Castles in the air

17. Christmas 1915

18. I belong to you (Katherine Scott)

Got to go watch the duggars!

We are back from our trip....

and had a wonderful time! On Friday morning we got up and headed to our grandparents house about four hrs. away. We were so glad to get there, and we had a great wonderful time spending time with them! I took a tons of pictures! We had a great time Memaw and Pawpaw! Saturday afternoon we went to my aunt and uncles house, we had a great time! We swam, danced while watching "Celtic Thunder" (the video of us dancing is while we were watching that), played, jumped on the trapoline, had a crunches competition, and walked around the neighborhood. We had a wonderful trip! Enjoy the Pictures!



Here are some pictures that I took as the sun was setting, this evening...


"I want to take you to the island, and trace your footprints in the sand.....er....mud." = )


Do you carry a small or large purse? I change purses quite often, but the one I have right now is medium.
What shoe size do you wear?10-10 1/2
What is your favorite season? spring or fall
Have you ever broken a bone? yes = (
What is your favorite school subject? depends.... I like literature a lot.
How tall are you? 5' 6 1/5
Would you rather swim in a lake or a pool? pool, diffidently! = )
Can you climb on monkey bars? Not very well at all! I am usually to tall to do them, though.
Do you like roller coasters? oh, yes! I love them!
Roller or Ice skating? Roller skating
Roller skating of blading? blading, but I think it would be so much fun to ice skate!
Would you rather take pictures or film? pictures
Blogging or e-mailing? blogging
What do you like best about winter? Christmas, and cold weather!
What do you like best about spring? everything in bloom, and warm weather!
What do you like best about summer? School out, and swimming.
What do you like best about fall? Cool weather and pretty leaves!
What is your favorite question on this tag? I like lots of them!
What was your favorite food when you were little? fruit = )
Which do you perfer? Chicken, beef, turkey, fish, or seafood? Chicken

Sorry Eliza, that it took so long for me to do it! Thanks!