long time..no blog

I know I haven't posted in a while..things have been extremely busy. My Mom fell and broke her arm on Monday! Yes, you just read that correctly-- she broke her arm!! Who would think that between her and her six kids, she would be the one to get hurt~ Kind of surprising, isn't it?  ;)

We got all of our things back Thurs.~ It's so good to see everything again-- my clothes esp. {smile}

I won't be able to post again until Monday, when we get our computer hooked back up, at our house.


ladybugs on the wall

Today was a long day. We headed over to the house after Mama, and Daddy got home from getting paint. We finally have all the colors picked out. Hallelujah!
We got over there and started painting. And that is what we did all day. Abigail, and Daddy are still over there painting. I came home to help Mama with the boys, and fix supper. I snuck down to the computer, while I was eating! ;)

It wasn't necessarily a bad day, just long, and tiring. My back hurts from bending over a lot-- I can't imagine what I'm going to feel like when all of this is over... mentally and physically. ;)

I think it is ladybug season. They were everywhere at the house. We had the windows open, and they would come inside, and get stuck in the paint. ugg!

I was looking at the wall just a few minutes ago, and counted three crawling around. I have no idea how they got in. but they did... ;)

Lily Kate is laying her head down on my arm as I type. She fell asleep that way this morning. She has her blanket that she is attached to, and we are listening to music. I think shes feeling cozy~

Now she's dancing. Now she's laying down. Now she's spreading out.. making herself at home. Now she's looking around. Now she's humming to herself. Now he is headed to bed.

She's got it pretty simple. ;)



Well,  I'm not giving it away, but Carlotta from "Pastor's Girl's Ponderings", is! She is giving away an "Organic Bloom" picture frame. It is very unique, and so pretty!

All you need to do is go to her blog, (just click on "Pastor's Girl's Pondering's, above.) and read how to enter!

Good luck!


P.S) Her blog is great, and one of my favorites! I'm sure it will be one of yours, too!

i'm not her mother

alright~ i'm going to share a funny thing that happened to me and my mom yesterday at Wal-Mart.

We were standing in line at the photo center, a lady walked by and accidentally dropped a small, light-weight, card board box on Lily Kate.
She didn't get hurt--I promise. ;) But when the lady started apologizing to her, she busted out crying, (she hates strangers!), so  I picked her up, and was comforting her. Well...

A lady in the line, asked my mom, "Are you her grandmother?".
I guess that makes me the mother. :/

A lot of people mistake Abigail and I for her mother, when we are out with her. I guess it doesn't help that I push her stroller. :)

You should see some of the looks that we have gotten. ha!


Last night my Mom, Abigail, Lily Kate, and I went to "Lowe's" to pick out paint colors.
Before we left I went up stairs to my room, to get ready.

You know how your hair looks on the second day without washing it... well, I had "second day hair", yesterday. ;)

I hate second day hair-- it looks awful!

Mine didn't look good yesterday-- at all. So I took out my "Paper Boy" hat, and put it on.
It looked fine, but not really appropriate to go to a hardware store in. You know what I mean? ;)

So I took that off, tried a couple of different things with it. Then finally decided to wear my sunglasses on my head. I always wear my sunglasses on my head, whenever I go out.
Yes, I know that there wasn't any risk on the sun being in my eyes at seven o'clock at night, but you know-- those bad hair days, you've got to do something to cover it up! ;)

My hair is officially down to my hips. This coming Thanksgiving it will be a year since I last cut it.
I can't decide on weather or not to cut it a little below my shoulders like it was when I first started growing it out or not. What do you think?

The last time I cut it is when my mom gave me bangs. I remember it was late at night, and we sat in my bedroom, and she cut them.

Don't asked me what possessed me to get them, the week before Thanksgiving, when everybody would see me.

But lets just say that I looked like a freak 60's freak. I hated it. Abigail, is the only one that liked them. My mom didn't. I hate it when my mom doesn't like something. After that I told her not to let me make such a quick decision next time! ;)

But they have grown out to where they look more like layers now. It only took a year! ☺

I think I will probably leave it long, and just trim a little at the bottom.


 It didn't work out to close on our house last Friday, but we are tomorrow! Yay! We are super excited~
we have to paint the whole house, so that is a lot of paint colors we have to pick out...
my mom just can't seem to make up her mind. She had them picked out, and we were going to get samples of them. She changed her mind, standing in the store, looking at the 500 colors they have to chose from. :/

We might just have to settle on ti-died. All the colors in one! ;)


We also went to wal-mart to pick up some cleaning supplies, after we went to "Lowe's". The house hasn't been lived in for a while so, it has collected a lot of dust, and nasty stuff, so we will also be cleaning a lot.
We decided to stock up on some groceries, and just take them over to our house, once we close tomorrow. There is this syrup that we get. It's all natural, and is really good.

We got like six bottles of it. It will take us about a year to use it all, considering that we don't have pancakes very often!
When we were checking out a lady said, "Is this good Maple Syrup?". I guess she noticed! :)

We also got some Starbucks coffee, that comes in the big bags, and you just brew it yourself. I really love coffee. We never get coffee, but we just decided to last night. So this morning I decided to have some.

I don't know how to work a coffee machine. I'm not "in" like that. :) So my mom and I were standing there, trying to figure it out. We ended up pouring the water over the ground coffee, not knowing that's not the way you do it. Bright, huh? :)

Once we saw the water drain through the filter, and it come out a yucky gold, we knew that we did not do it right, we started over, and re-did it, this time successfully!
{of course once we finished, I found the instruction booklet!}

I took the first sip.

It was SO strong. We didn't have any milk, or cream so all I could add to it was sugar. My little brother suggested putting maple syrup in it, I declined. :)

Later, after my mom had gone to the store, and gotten some milk, I heated it back up, and added milk.
I loved it!

I could really get used to it. That might not be a good thing! :/
Levi (3) lOveS coffee!! It is super cute to watch him drink it~


Someone asked where we were staying until we moved into our house. We are living in a vacation home, until our house is ready.

When we were packing our clothes to bring with us, my dad kept saying, "Pack light, Pack light". So guess what I did? I packed light! ;)

I really regret it now. I am getting really sick of the pieces of clothing that I brought! God was really good to us, and hasn't made the weather get to cold!!

We are supposed to get our things back next Thursday, and I can't wait!

I miss my stuff!

I will try to post again soon~


make me laugh

For mine and Abigail's birthdays, my parents gave us a visit to the spa!

It was heavenly. wonderful. relaxing. peaceful. and perfect.

We had a wonderful time~
We got a back and shoulder passage, a facial, and pedicure.
my dad specifically asked for women to do everything-- I wouldn't feel very comfortable with a man doing it! ;)

on the way home Titus had this little conversation with me~

Titus: "Did the men do anything?"
me: "no".
Titus: "Good-- I don't want any men touching on my sister!"

he never ceases to make me laugh!
if you think he is protective now, you can just imagine what he will be like in about six years, and Lily Kate is bigger! ;)

By the way~ Today is Titus 7th birthday!!
He is so cute, when Mama asked Him if He was having a good day, He said, "Yes! I love this day!".
He is so sweet~

Love you Buddy! Hope you have a great Birthday!!


We have had four birthdays in our house, in the last two months-- I will just do one big birthday post soon!



the past few days have been, beautiful.

It's been perfect~ the air is breezy, warm. The sky is sunny, and the trees are gold. perfect.

I love the evenings. The sunsets are beautiful.

Lately we have been going to a park down the road from us, and playing in the big field. After a long day it feels pretty good to go running through it, and playing on the swings and playground with the boys. :)
I know--
i'm a big baby at heart!:)

I've been using these past few days to wear flip-flops for the last few times-- feel the sun on my legs for the last few times-- and wear my summer clothes for the last few times~ Saying goodbye to summer is a little sad, but I love the coziness of autumn/winter.

The sunsets, and open area, are also perfect for shadow pictures~
I love how the sun reflects on the lens.
The sunset, a couple nights ago~
The sky has been so blue the past few days. Not a cloud in the sky. :)
{Levi one afternoon, when I was taking some fall pictures of him-- he loved the bucket!}

and... the biggest news...

we found a house!! and we really LOVE it!

We are, Lord willing, going to be closing on it this coming Friday~ Please pray that everything goes through!!

I will post pictures of it soon...~

fALl is HEre~

it's been kind of lonely around here lately... not much posting~
I have worked on posts, but they just can't seem to make it to my home page. :)

fall is here and I am really happy about that--

even though I hate having to get up in the mornings because of the cold, I guess once I get up, and get warm, it isn't that bad~

I hate hearing Levi come up the steps, he comes to the edge of my bed, and whispers "Ydia, it's time to get up". He's always so chipper- un-like me. :)

He came there one morning, when I was having my Bible study. He was munching on a carrot. Yes, at 7:30 in the morning. I'd say he likes carrots. What do you think?

Levi's been, a challenge lately.

There. I said it. You would have never guess from those innocent blue eyes standing back at you in the pictures would you? Oh, bet, your wrong. He has an attitude. A big one. :)

He is so sweet, when he is sweet. But oh so ugly when He is being ugly. Aren't we all? :)

He doesn't like change, poor guy. He has gotten a lot of it, with the move and all.
I think it will pass.

I better go now-- tonight's "19 Kids and Counting", one of my *favorites*.

I have a lot to catch up on... but it will have to wait!


a night with my boys

tonight I am babysitting the boys.

it is not an easy job. our conversations go a little like this~

"you are really making me mad, PLEASE stop!!!"
"i'm not going to tell you again!"
"eat every bite of your salad."
"do I have to eat all of it?"
"Yes! All of it!!!"

yeah, we really have a fun time. :)

no, seriously it isn't that bad. usually. {grin}

I asked Gabe to give Levi a bath. Levi was doing something, so Gabe was in Mama and Daddy's bedroom, playing with a balloon while waiting for him to finish whatever he was doing. (He uses his time very wisely, don't you think? ☺}

He was bopping the balloon back and forth which makes a very annoying sound. So~

me: "Can you please stop doing that?"
gabe: "Yeah, do you want me to shut the door and do it?"

okay. can you tell me, (beacause I have yet to find out), why it is so hard to stop. Just stop. When someone asks you to. Why would I want him to shut the door and do it. Even more, why would I care?!?! I wasn't mad.. I thought it was a little funny.
My brothers are funny. They are weird. They are gross. They make me mad. They make me laugh. They make me cry.

I love them.

We are now happily residing on the couch, watching "Little House on the Prarie"~ All is well that ends well.