ladybugs on the wall

Today was a long day. We headed over to the house after Mama, and Daddy got home from getting paint. We finally have all the colors picked out. Hallelujah!
We got over there and started painting. And that is what we did all day. Abigail, and Daddy are still over there painting. I came home to help Mama with the boys, and fix supper. I snuck down to the computer, while I was eating! ;)

It wasn't necessarily a bad day, just long, and tiring. My back hurts from bending over a lot-- I can't imagine what I'm going to feel like when all of this is over... mentally and physically. ;)

I think it is ladybug season. They were everywhere at the house. We had the windows open, and they would come inside, and get stuck in the paint. ugg!

I was looking at the wall just a few minutes ago, and counted three crawling around. I have no idea how they got in. but they did... ;)

Lily Kate is laying her head down on my arm as I type. She fell asleep that way this morning. She has her blanket that she is attached to, and we are listening to music. I think shes feeling cozy~

Now she's dancing. Now she's laying down. Now she's spreading out.. making herself at home. Now she's looking around. Now she's humming to herself. Now he is headed to bed.

She's got it pretty simple. ;)



Sisters of Grace said...

Yeah,for having all the paint colors picked out!
We just moved recently and repainted all but one room in our house. So I know what it feels like to paint all day:).
Looking forward to seeing pictures!

Alexandra! said...

I love baby's!
Sorry your back hurts!

Anonymous said...