fALl is HEre~

it's been kind of lonely around here lately... not much posting~
I have worked on posts, but they just can't seem to make it to my home page. :)

fall is here and I am really happy about that--

even though I hate having to get up in the mornings because of the cold, I guess once I get up, and get warm, it isn't that bad~

I hate hearing Levi come up the steps, he comes to the edge of my bed, and whispers "Ydia, it's time to get up". He's always so chipper- un-like me. :)

He came there one morning, when I was having my Bible study. He was munching on a carrot. Yes, at 7:30 in the morning. I'd say he likes carrots. What do you think?

Levi's been, a challenge lately.

There. I said it. You would have never guess from those innocent blue eyes standing back at you in the pictures would you? Oh, bet, your wrong. He has an attitude. A big one. :)

He is so sweet, when he is sweet. But oh so ugly when He is being ugly. Aren't we all? :)

He doesn't like change, poor guy. He has gotten a lot of it, with the move and all.
I think it will pass.

I better go now-- tonight's "19 Kids and Counting", one of my *favorites*.

I have a lot to catch up on... but it will have to wait!


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