Merry Christmas~

Merry Christmas everyone! Today at our house has been wonderful! We got up at about 7:00 a.m. and then we went down stairs opened stocking and then ate breakfast. Then our grandparents came over and we opened our presents! After everything was picked up and baby in bed, we watched "Prince Caspian", which Abigail got for Christmas. It was a really good movie, they did a great job doing it! Then we went outside and spent some time out there and then here I am!
I hope everyone will have a Merry Christmas!

p.s I will post details about my presents later!
: )

I am tagging~

Carrington and Aunt Monica'a blog has been tagged by me! I will be looking for ten random things soon!!!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


Ten random things about me and my sister~

1. I am one of the loudest people in my family
2. me and my sister always sleep together on Christmas eve
3. My sister is a "Pride and Prejudice" fanatic, and I am a "kinda sorta"
4. I am not at all a tom-boy, neither is my sister
5. We both dance
6. we usually get along together, but when we don't, WE DO NOT!! just kidding :)
7. I love the color pink and she loves purple
8. I love broccoli salad and she doesn't
9. I have blue eyes and she has brown
10. I am having trouble finding things so......Bye!

Pictures of my Family~

These pictures are in youngest to oldest of my siblings, (and me!)

Titus (this picture says His personality!)


Lydia (me)


Hope you enjoyed looking through my family! (Sorry I didn't have a picture of my parents!)

The true meaning of Christmas~

I love Christmas time, with all the family and friends, parties,Christmas trees, presents, food, and Christmas carols.

But a lot of times people get so caught up in the things that are not the real reason for Christmas. I hate it when Christmas shows say that this season is all about food, gifts, friends, and parties. And when people greet you with "Happy Holidays". It's not about all that, and I am not saying that I think that stuff is bad! It's just that it seems that Christmas has lost it true meaning in a lot of American homes. Christmas it about Jesus being born in Bethlehem and Him saving the world, it's about the angel Gabriel delivering the message to the Virgin Mary, that she would deliver the Christ Child, The son of God. Jesus is the reason for the season. And please don't take that I am saying that Christmas doesn't have anything to do with presents, trees, family and friends, food, and parties.
But the true meaning of Christmas is the Savior. The son of the living God!

Merry Christmas!

~in Christ,

New Blog!

So I decided to start my own personal blog! I hope you enjoy reading and looking!

In Christ,