New Blog!

So I decided to start my own personal blog! I hope you enjoy reading and looking!

In Christ,


Eliza said...

Hi Lydia, I like your blog! The background is cute! So, is the other blog, all Abigail's now?

*~*Laura said...

Hey Lydia! I really like your blog here! I am going to come here a lot! I can't wait to see your next post! Merry Christmas!

*~*Laura said...

Hi! I was also going to tell you that I really like that picture! :)
Hope to hear from you soon!
Merry Christmas!

goldsmithfamily said...

Hi Lydia I like your blog!!!

Lydia said...

Hey Laura and Goldsmith family....
Thanks for the comments!
Merry Christmas~

goldsmithfamily said...

Hi Lydia I am about to add your blog to my favorites.

Lydia said...

Hey everyone!
Thanks for all the comments.

Abigail also opened up a new blog! Here it is:

Sara said...

love your blog! We are sooo alike... though I don't know you! : )