Ten random things about me and my sister~

1. I am one of the loudest people in my family
2. me and my sister always sleep together on Christmas eve
3. My sister is a "Pride and Prejudice" fanatic, and I am a "kinda sorta"
4. I am not at all a tom-boy, neither is my sister
5. We both dance
6. we usually get along together, but when we don't, WE DO NOT!! just kidding :)
7. I love the color pink and she loves purple
8. I love broccoli salad and she doesn't
9. I have blue eyes and she has brown
10. I am having trouble finding things so......Bye!


Treasured Anew said...

Hey Lydia! What a beautiful blog you have! I enjoyed looking at all the pictures. We rarely ever see your brothers at the Studio. We heard some sad news about you all possibly moving away. Maybe I dreamed it or it was just a nasty rumor. ;)

Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family.

Beth Yates

Lydia said...

Hey Mrs. Beth-
Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Yes, it is true, we are moving. Nasty rumor, Haha! Thats funny!
Merry Christmas to you too, and tell Cherith I said hi!

Karen said...

Hi Lydia,
I like your new blog. We enjoyed last night too! It's great to have a big family.I wish we would get together more often.We have such a good time when we do.
Maybe this summer you can visit us at our lake house,hopefully it will be finished by then.
Yes, you can add us to your blog list.I have added you to my favorites so I will check in often.Can I add you to my list on my blog?
I guess I better get busy doing something besides blogging.Oh well,I'm off to do some laundry!
Love ya,
Aunt Karen

Lydia said...

Hi Aunt Karen,
I know, it seems we only get to see each other at Christmas! Yes you can add me to your blog list! I will add yous to mine. Hope you have a blessed Christmas week!