About this Blog

I thrive on inspiration. Inspiration from God, family, music, and beauty. I want to suck the marrow out of every minute of life-- whether it be good or bad-- knowing that it will build my character, and who I am.

This blog is an outlet for my artistic side. Like C.S Lewis put it, "You can make anything by writing"... I'm going to make something beautiful.

I believe that life is a blank canvas just waiting to  be filled-- I want to fill mine with beauty, art, music, God, family, and success. I want to tell a story with my life. A story that will inspire others to find something beautiful in everyday of life.
God created beauty for our enjoyment, and pleasure- I'm determined not to waste it. I hold a key to a door that God gave to me... I am going to unlock it, and use whatever God has placed on the other side to inspire people, and bring glory to Him. There is so much in life just waiting to be discovered. So much. I think it would be a failure to ignore that fact.

I started this back in 2008-- I have learned a lot since then. My creativity and artisticness has increased, and I have learned that there is so much more in life, than what meets the eye. I could choose to write about all the good things in life-- and I do-- but I also write about things that could be easily tucked behind the curtain, and hidden from the cyber world. I want to be real when it comes to writing about my life. There are going to be bad days, but-- and I always say that there is a but-- there are so many good days. Finding beauty in them is one of the greatest enjoyments in life.

In 2010 my family moved out of the state that I had lived in my whole life. Away from family, and away from all familiarity. It was like God had taken the canvas away from me that had all that I had ever known splattered on it. He took it away, and with that gave me another one that had a foundation painted by Him, on it. And it was ready for me to take it and run with it. And paint somewhat of a new story on it. Sometimes I'm not sure what is supposed to be painted- but God does, and I take great comfort in that fact.

I live with my five sibling's and parents in an old house, that we love. I was born at home and have moved three times since then-- that was something that I never expected.
I love people, inspiring stories, taking photos of people, entertaining, sunsets on the beach, the deep south, planning ahead (that one is sometimes to my detriment), discovering new and amazing things, wearing adorable clothes, and dreaming about all the amazing places that I will one day visit. 

I am a Celtic music enthusiast, I love to hear someone sing with the guitar-- music is one of my many inspirations in life. The world would be so dull without music... dull I tell you.

This is a blog to share with you. The good, the bad, and the wonderful. I hope you are inspired by this blog to live life to the fullest. Live it for God, and the people around you.