~Me and my little buddy~

(I just love his exspresion in this one! = )



How do you like my playlist??? Please vote on the poll and tell me which song you like the best after you have liscened to it!


~For Carrington and Clayton

Here is the requested video... I will try to get one of both of them soon! ~Lydia~

P.S. I will post part 2 later!

~Summer days~

When it gets to hot, relaxing in the indoors, is what we like to do! = )


I found this tag on a blog, and she said whoever wanted to do it could, so I took her up on that! = )

What is your favorite day of summer?
4th of July probably or vacation days...

What’s your favorite outdoor summer activity?
swiming !

What’s your favorite indoor summer activity?
watching summer time movies, and blogging

Pool or beach?
I like both alot, but pools are probably my favorite!

Have you ever camped during the summer?

Popsicle or ice cream? What flavor?
ice cream! Rocky road, or homeade!

Do you help with your church's VBS?

Do you get bored during the summer?
once in a while!

Is summer your favorite season?
umm, one of my favorites!


P.S whoever feels like doing this is welcome to do it!

Looking at yearbooks...

Me and Sarah

My class in costume

P.S. I don't usually wear that much makeup.... infact I don't even wear makeup, except for some lipgloss once in awhile!


Awaiting the arrival of.....

This little girl! Mama had a appointment yesturday with her midwife, and from what she found out, the baby could be born next Wednesday or sooner! I am so excited! Please pray that when it is time that everything will go smoothly... Thanks.


I know....

I am driving my blog readers crazy! By changing the format so many times! Please forgive me. Will you?


Laughing little Levi~

Levi was so cute the other night laughing! But I didn't get the camera in time to get the biggest laugh of all! Sorry that it is sideways! : )


Dried Flowers

I put some dried flowers in my candle holder, and thought it looked very picturesque!

~Summer Days~

The other evening, I went outside, to take pictures of our yard... It looked so pretty! As I was taking pictures, a little guest arrived! : ) I think you can tell from the picture who it was!

20 Things I Do In the summer...

1. I Bake- cookies, and cakes
2. I Read- blogs, and books
3. I Dance- to music
4. I Sing- "Caledonia", "Like a bird without wings", "Ireland's Call", "Limomnade", "Take me home".
5. I Watch- Next food network star, TLC programs, and TV Land
6. I Walk- With my mom
7. I Swim- At my grandparents
8. I Play- outside
9. I Clean- the kitchen
10.I Listen- books on tape, Celtic Thunder, Celtic woman, blog music, hymn CD's, birds singing, crickets chirping, summer storms, Praise music.... and much, much more!
11.I Take- Pictures
12.I Write- blog post, comments, e-mails, letters
13.I Plan- play things
14.I Draw- not much of anything
15.I Cook- supper sometimes
16.I Look- for lost things
17.I Explore- blogs
18.I Visit- family,and friends
19.I Sew- I'm not a sewer!
20.I Imagine- many things!


As you may have already seen, I have two new polls on my sidebar. Please leave your vote! Thanks!


Just pictures...

Here are just some random pictures I have taken the last few weeks...

Video of the beach...

This was a video that I took at the beach! I thought all my blogger friends might enjoy it!


New look... once again!

Please comment telling me how you like the new summertime look? I know I will never be completely happy! = )



He was so upset with himself! = )

~Little Levi~

Why abigail was cleaning up the kitchen she turned on a fast song that made levi in the dancing mood! ; ) Sorry that it is sideways!


My cousin wanted me to advertise here blog on mine so here....


She would love some visitors and comments!!


Blueberry Picking...

This morning we went blueberry picking! They are so Yummy! Abigail just made some blueberry muffins!! It was really hot so we only got two gallons, oh well!

Ride back home...

Eventually we had to go home, so we packed up and started home.
I got kinda board so I took pictures out the window and my little area were I stored stuff!

Sorry About the HTML code thing at the top, I posted a picture of Abigail and She of course had to complain about it! : ) So thats why its mest up.....
.bp.blogspot.com/__sXCimW8cwM/Sj-65agJDwI/AAAAAAAABXA/EpiupbNMOrg/s320/Picture+693.jpg" border="0" alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5350200377868881666" />

Isn't it pretty???

An unexspected day trip to the beach!

Yesturday morning, I was woken up, and was told to put on some cloths eat some breakfast, and to bring my bathing suit along for the trip to the ocean! So I did all this stuff we loaded up and were on our way to the beach! It was only a 2 hour drive, wich wasn't bad at all. We finally got there and I was snapping pictures whenever I could!! I will post more in a minute!

P.S The picture of a man in the truck is one that I took while trying to get a picture of a lake on the drive!

Happy Anniversary Mama and Daddy!

Happy Anniversary Mama and Daddy!

To: Carri... From: Titus

This is for you carri, I thought you would find humor in it!


For My dearest Carri~

"Let me tell you that I love you, and I think about you all the time!"

Love you!

(Inside joke!)

Grandma and Grandpa~


Last week we went to visit our grandparents after we left our cousins house! We had so much fun! The pool felt so refreshing!

Visiting Family!

Here are some pictures from when we visited our other cousins last week! Sorry I didn't get many pictures! We were having too much fun...

The past couple of days our cousins have been here! We had a blast! It was so much fun, and we always have a great time together! Here are some pictures from the past few days!