Awaiting the arrival of.....

This little girl! Mama had a appointment yesturday with her midwife, and from what she found out, the baby could be born next Wednesday or sooner! I am so excited! Please pray that when it is time that everything will go smoothly... Thanks.



~Eliza said...

I certainly will pray for you all.
I hope everything goes well.

The Sisters said...

Hi Eliza-
Thanks so much!


Bug said...

Hey!!! I will too!!! That is funny, I was thinking about her!!!

Giann said...

How Exciting!!! I will pray for y'all!

The Sisters said...

Hi Allie-
Yes, that is funny! Thanks!


Hi Giann-
Thanks so much!


~Carri~ said...

Oh I can't wait to see her!
You will have to post picture if you can. :)Hope to see you sonn.


The Sisters said...

Hi Carri-
I can't wait to see her either! Hopefully she will be here in a few days! I will post pictures as soon as I can!