20 Things I Do In the summer...

1. I Bake- cookies, and cakes
2. I Read- blogs, and books
3. I Dance- to music
4. I Sing- "Caledonia", "Like a bird without wings", "Ireland's Call", "Limomnade", "Take me home".
5. I Watch- Next food network star, TLC programs, and TV Land
6. I Walk- With my mom
7. I Swim- At my grandparents
8. I Play- outside
9. I Clean- the kitchen
10.I Listen- books on tape, Celtic Thunder, Celtic woman, blog music, hymn CD's, birds singing, crickets chirping, summer storms, Praise music.... and much, much more!
11.I Take- Pictures
12.I Write- blog post, comments, e-mails, letters
13.I Plan- play things
14.I Draw- not much of anything
15.I Cook- supper sometimes
16.I Look- for lost things
17.I Explore- blogs
18.I Visit- family,and friends
19.I Sew- I'm not a sewer!
20.I Imagine- many things!


~Eliza said...
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~Eliza said...

On your first poll about keeping your background, well, that isn't a yes or no question. :-) How do I answer it?

The Sisters said...

Hi Eliza!
Sorry! I fixed it so you should be able to vote now! Thanks for pointing that out!


Emy said...
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~Eliza said...

Sorry that deleted one was because I commented and then I relized that I was commenting under my sister's name.
I changed it this time.
Ok, my answer was keep it.

The Sisters said...

Oh, its fine! Alright! Great!