You know there are big sisters in the house when~

this happens~ my inner big sister couldn't help itself! =)

I am sorry if that last post that I did was totally depressing, I was depressed, I think we all were. It was a hard day. But as Anne Shirley says "Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it". Today has been better, not so sad. I was able to talk to Grandma last night, it was great to be able to talk to her. I am listening to a song that McKenzie (my cousin) put on her blog, it is called "Somebody is Praying me Through", it such a good song. Thanks McKenzie! Well, my brothers want me outside, better go~ Happy Day!


we are not alone.

Over the last few days with our grandmother in the hospital. I have been thinking about how God is always there for us, even when we walk through the valley of darkness, He is there. I think the song "You're not Alone" has really comforted me. Every time I start to worry and be troubled, I think of that line "You're not alone, for I am here, let me wipe away your every tear, my love has never left your side, and I will lead your through the darkest night, for I'm the one that's loved you all your life, all your life. Faithful and true FOREVER, my love will carry you." That is such an encouragement to me, it really does wipe away my every tear. I heard this line in a movie preview last night, "Don't be afraid to fall, He is always there to catch you", that is so true, when we fall down, He picks us up. I meditate upon these words each time I worry and fret about the future. He is there to hold you, sustain you, comfort you, heal you, and carry you each step of the way. He is there. Please keep my Grandma, Grandpa, and the rest of our family, in your prayers.


Little Woman~

I love this picture of Lily Kate! I had pulled out some dresses of mine and Abigails that we got for Christmas several years ago, and thought she would look pretty cute in one! =)
I love this song~

(make sure to turn on music at the bottom of the page)

His Eye is On the Sparrow~

Why do I feel discouraged
Why do the shadows come
And why does my heart feel lonely
And long for heaven and home
When Jesus is my portion
A constant friend is He
His eye is on the sparrow
And i know He watches me
So I sing because I'm happy
And I sing because I'm free
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know He watches me
So I sing because I'm happy
And I sing because I'm free
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know He watches
And I know He watches
And I know He watches me

(the pictures above are when we walked down to the park a few nights ago)

Anne of Green Galbes video...

I have been watching "Anne of Green Gables" some lately and found this video on youtube... I loved it!

cooking catastophes 101

Mama has been wanting Abigail and I to start making diner more often. So I picked out the dishes I was going to make and made them tonight. (note that I had never made the dishes before) The pie was turned out great, and the honey sesame chicken was fairly good, but the rice was a different story in itself. I didn't start cooking it early enough, so 15 min. before supper the rice still has a nice crunch to it! =) I had quite a time trying to get that rice right, I tested it so much, I was full even before the meal began. Everyone said it tasted all right, but I don't know if I believe them! Oh, Well, you learn from your mistakes. Next time I might cook the rice the day before!

Here are a few pictures of the apples before the rest of the ingredients came.

Good Night!

My little Katie-Bug


I am currently reading a book for school about Patrick Henry~

It is very interesting, I even had Mama reading parts. =)

I am just going to copy a couple different parts from the book.

"Does Patriotism simply mean "love for my country" just because it is "mine"? Or is patriotism a nobler virtue? Moreover, where does patriotism fit in our hierarchy of values? Are love of God and love of country compatible? Can political leaders be both a good Christian and a true patriot?"

"While we tend to think of a patriot as a person who puts his country first in opposition to another country, originally the term meant one who supported the rights of "country" or "land" against the king and his court. In other words, a patriot stood for the rights of local self-government and was opposed to tyrannical rule- even by his own King. Thus, true patriotism is the impulse to defend one's land, country, or way of life and unjust governmental oppression."

"As individuals professing a holy religion, it is our bounden duty to forgive injuries done us as individuals. But when to the character of Christian you add the character of patriot, you are in a different situation. If your enemy smite one cheek, turn the other to him. But you must stop there. You must not apply this to your country."


{bracelet on the windowsill}

~what should this post be called?

I have no idea what to title this post, so after you read/look this post, title it yourself... something a little different to do. Yesterday afternoon I headed outside to take a few pictures, although in the pictures it looks warm, it was very cold!! You may think that it is absolutely eccentric that I have a picture of clothespins as my header, but wanted to do something a little different, I think I accomplished that! = )
Enjoy the pictures~

Today while I was doing schoolwork, Levi informed me that He was making "icecream", that set me to wondering how in the world he was making icecream! Heres the ingredients,

1 heaping spill of salad dressing
1 squirt of mustard
1 squirt of ketchup
and who knows what else.... I think he should market it, don't you? = ) He actually ate it, I turned down his offer for a taste of it!

Well, that was a very misc. post but its a post!

Stay warm!


January days...

I have taken my break from blogging, and have decided to start back up again, with a new header, background, and post! It is cold, and somewhat sunny today... no snow, but I guess that is okay~ Lily Kate is becoming quite the "talker", she has found her voice, and is so pleased, that she hasn't hushed all morning.literally. She is also "crawling", and almost advanced to the "army crawl". Christmas added some additions to the backyard, such as a trampoline , and playhouse (as you can see both in the picture below.) They both have been much enjoyed everyone!! Lily Kate is starting to fuss so I better go take care of her! Until next time...