I am sorry if that last post that I did was totally depressing, I was depressed, I think we all were. It was a hard day. But as Anne Shirley says "Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it". Today has been better, not so sad. I was able to talk to Grandma last night, it was great to be able to talk to her. I am listening to a song that McKenzie (my cousin) put on her blog, it is called "Somebody is Praying me Through", it such a good song. Thanks McKenzie! Well, my brothers want me outside, better go~ Happy Day!



Memaw said...

You are always in my prayers. If there is anything you for us to do while BooBoo is in the hospital, let us know.

Abigail and Lydia said...

Hi Memaw!
Thank you, that is sweet!


(*>*)White Tiger'98 said...

Hi Lydia,

I hope your grandmother gets better soon! :)I liked the pictures. <3

With Love,
~Juliet K