~what should this post be called?

I have no idea what to title this post, so after you read/look this post, title it yourself... something a little different to do. Yesterday afternoon I headed outside to take a few pictures, although in the pictures it looks warm, it was very cold!! You may think that it is absolutely eccentric that I have a picture of clothespins as my header, but wanted to do something a little different, I think I accomplished that! = )
Enjoy the pictures~

Today while I was doing schoolwork, Levi informed me that He was making "icecream", that set me to wondering how in the world he was making icecream! Heres the ingredients,

1 heaping spill of salad dressing
1 squirt of mustard
1 squirt of ketchup
and who knows what else.... I think he should market it, don't you? = ) He actually ate it, I turned down his offer for a taste of it!

Well, that was a very misc. post but its a post!

Stay warm!



Gran said...

Really good pictures. You could enter some of them in the fair at Perry next fall. You need to get an info book that tells you the requirements. McKenziee can tell you how to get the book. Love - Gran

Anonymous said...

Wow;) I normally say that I like all kinds of ice cream... well, i guess not every kind:D haha!