cooking catastophes 101

Mama has been wanting Abigail and I to start making diner more often. So I picked out the dishes I was going to make and made them tonight. (note that I had never made the dishes before) The pie was turned out great, and the honey sesame chicken was fairly good, but the rice was a different story in itself. I didn't start cooking it early enough, so 15 min. before supper the rice still has a nice crunch to it! =) I had quite a time trying to get that rice right, I tested it so much, I was full even before the meal began. Everyone said it tasted all right, but I don't know if I believe them! Oh, Well, you learn from your mistakes. Next time I might cook the rice the day before!

Here are a few pictures of the apples before the rest of the ingredients came.

Good Night!

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