For some reason, I have been in the mood for posting. It is quite a good feeling, and I really like it! I have never really posted this much in one day! Please feel free to comment, I really enjoy hearing from you!



Key Lime Pies!

I made this for church tomorrow, and they turned out really well, so I thougt I would share the recipe with you~

2 chocolate crumb pie shells

1-6 oz. can of frozen limemade
1 can of condensed milk
1 large kool whip
1 c. sour cream
green food coloring (this is optional, but after some nagging, Momma gave in! )

Mix all together and pour into pie shells. Cool several hours.

Hope you enjoy!

Saturdays work... : )

Today was a work day at our house... our supposed-to-be- school room, was the room we where going to work on! We went through the clothing boxes, and got those put in there spot for now; and we threw away about two trash bags, full of stuff, and we also have a big pile of stuff, for a garage sale, that will be happening soon. Maybe someday it will be useable! But for now, it is our storage room! I don't know what we would do without it!


A while back Momma, got big storage bins, for us to put under our beds to store stuff in. And I only had one, thing in it, so today I decided to put it into use! One of my pet-peeves, is to have stuff to show from under my bed. And lately I have have become quite frazzeled because of that happening! : ) So today, I pulled out all my CDs, and my big bag with ballet papers, and things, and put it in that box along with a couple other, things, and I am so happy to have under my bed all organized! It is quite a relief!

Summer break here I come!

I am almost done with school, I have four more days of math, then Summer break is started! I am really looking forward to being, done but it is always a little said to end the school year! I have two good books that where school books, and I still have to finish those, but like I said they are good books! Oh, by the way how do you like my new background? I know that I have been changing it too much but, I think this one will be up for a long while!
Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Summer break to those who are done!


Photography contest...

Hannah at- I having a photo contest! So The rules are to post the pictures you are entering on your blog and post about the contest!
Here are my pictures I am entering!
Oops! On the post below about the baby, I messed up at one part. What I meant when I said She is eight weeks, I meant my Mom is almost eight months pregnant!



We recently went back up for our ballet recital, and stayed with our cousins! There are a few pictures of our visit!!

Update on Baby Girl...

Hello everyone!
Baby girl, is coming along just fine! At Mama's last appointment she was still breech, which means she was head up. And we where a little discouraged. But today she went back to the midwife,and the baby has flipped! Praise the Lord! He is so good to us! She is almost eight weeks, and we are very looking forward to meeting the little girl!!

Have a great day!


I couldn't help but share this beautiful picture! It has been really rainy here, but we have gotten alot accomplished today! We recently went and got fabric for our to cover our dining room chairs with. So today we got the job done! The look SO much better! I am quite pleased with the results : ) We are having company tonight so I better go and finish getting ready! Thanks for stopping by! I will try to do a better post later with pictures! Have a great and blessed day!

~Lydia Caroline~

For Carri~

"When I say Pappa, you say John", "Pappa, John." Go Pizza!!

This is a joke, for those of you who don't know what this means! = P I just couldn't resist Carri!!
Update coming soon! I have been busy, and we are about to leave to go grocery shopping. But maybe I can do a post tonight! Thanks for being patient! = )

~Lydia~ ♥


What were the last three things you ate?
Fried Ocra

What were the three last songs you sang?
Hmmmmmmmm, I know I have been singing "Bird without wings", but other than that I don't know!

Who were the three last people you saw?
Mama, Gabe, Levi

What were the three last movies you saw?
The Duggars, Braveheart, Emma

What were the last three websites you visited?
The Millers
Resolved 2 worship
Six olive plants

Who were the last three people you talked on the phone to?
Carri (carrington)

What did you wear the last three days?
Blue and green floral shirt with tan pants
green skirt with white shirt
brown skirt with blue shirt and white shirt over that

What was the last three shoes you wore?
black flip flops
flip flops
tinnes shoes

What were the names of the last three books you have been reading?
A childs geography of the world
Rilla of Ingleside
and a book by Lisa Weltchal

What were the last three songs you listened to?
Celtic Thunder music
Damien mcGinty- Bird without wings

~Mothers day~

Happy Mothers day Momma! I love you!!!




"Before a man can discipline other men, he must demonstrate his abilitly to discipline himself. Before he may be allowed the command of commission, he must evidence command of charecter. Look then to the work of his hands. Hear the words of his mouth. By his fruit you shall know him." - Theadore Roosevelt.

Theadore Roosevelt words on abortion-

"Never will I sit motionless while directly or indirectly apology is made for the murder of the helpless." - Theadore Roosevelt.

I am reading a biography book on Theadore Roosevelt called "Carry a big stick."
I am really enjoying it! It has the best quotes from Him, so I thought I would share those above with you!
Hannah at is having a earing give away. To enter go to her blog above and leave a comment, to enter! Here is the information-

I have made three pairs of earrings, which means there will be three winners! I will number them and if there is a certain pair you wish to win, just let me know. If you really don't care, then just leave a comment letting me know you want to enter.☻

Here are the earrings:

P.S. If you do any of the extras, let me know.

#1 ♥Beautiful Blue♥

#2 ♥Perfect Pearl♥

#3 ♥Georgus Green♥

Now for the rules!

#1. If you just want one entry, just leave me a comment letting me know you'd like to enter.

#2. If you want to enter twice, leave me a comment and post about it on your blog. Putting a link to my blog.

#3. To enter three times, leave me a comment, post about it on your blog, and e-mail or tell three other people.

That wraps it up i think! Oh, no it doesn't, the ending date is this Friday!☻