Update on Baby Girl...

Hello everyone!
Baby girl, is coming along just fine! At Mama's last appointment she was still breech, which means she was head up. And we where a little discouraged. But today she went back to the midwife,and the baby has flipped! Praise the Lord! He is so good to us! She is almost eight weeks, and we are very looking forward to meeting the little girl!!

Have a great day!



Gran said...

EIght weeks? Mama has a long way to go. Don't think she wants to go that much longer. I think you meant 8 months. Love you - Gran

Carri said...

Hahaha!!!!! I can't wait to see her I can tell she looks like you liddie! (When I looked at the pictures when you came).

LOve you,


The Sisters said...

Yes!! I think I was bit confussed!