Hannah at www.trustinginhislove.blogspot.com is having a earing give away. To enter go to her blog above and leave a comment, to enter! Here is the information-

I have made three pairs of earrings, which means there will be three winners! I will number them and if there is a certain pair you wish to win, just let me know. If you really don't care, then just leave a comment letting me know you want to enter.☻

Here are the earrings:

P.S. If you do any of the extras, let me know.

#1 ♥Beautiful Blue♥

#2 ♥Perfect Pearl♥

#3 ♥Georgus Green♥

Now for the rules!

#1. If you just want one entry, just leave me a comment letting me know you'd like to enter.

#2. If you want to enter twice, leave me a comment and post about it on your blog. Putting a link to my blog.

#3. To enter three times, leave me a comment, post about it on your blog, and e-mail or tell three other people.

That wraps it up i think! Oh, no it doesn't, the ending date is this Friday!☻

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