What were the last three things you ate?
Fried Ocra

What were the three last songs you sang?
Hmmmmmmmm, I know I have been singing "Bird without wings", but other than that I don't know!

Who were the three last people you saw?
Mama, Gabe, Levi

What were the three last movies you saw?
The Duggars, Braveheart, Emma

What were the last three websites you visited?
The Millers
Resolved 2 worship
Six olive plants

Who were the last three people you talked on the phone to?
Carri (carrington)

What did you wear the last three days?
Blue and green floral shirt with tan pants
green skirt with white shirt
brown skirt with blue shirt and white shirt over that

What was the last three shoes you wore?
black flip flops
flip flops
tinnes shoes

What were the names of the last three books you have been reading?
A childs geography of the world
Rilla of Ingleside
and a book by Lisa Weltchal

What were the last three songs you listened to?
Celtic Thunder music
Damien mcGinty- Bird without wings


Carri said...

Hey liddie,
where is that song you were telling me about?
I would like to watch it.

love you lots,

Abigail and Lydia said...

Hi Carri-
Umm, if you go to your layout and do go to to where you put on a new sidebar thing, and then you go to Video bar, and type in Celtic Thunder- Raggle Taggle Gipsey girl. IT is a really catchy song! ; ) LOve you lots too!