New look... once again!

Please comment telling me how you like the new summertime look? I know I will never be completely happy! = )



~Eliza said...

I like it! The video of Levi is so cute! He is adorable.
Could I possibly see a video of Abigail? That would be neat. She probably doesn't want you to take a video of her though. She may be different, but that is the way I am. :) So if she doesn't I understand. :)


Giann said...

Hey, I do like the new look!
Btw, how did you get those reactions on the bottom of your post?
Just Wondering!

The Sisters said...

Hi Liza-
Thanks! Oh, I am sure Abigail will let me! I will try to post one of her! Thanks!

Hi Giann-
Thanks! If you go to the 'layout' page on your blog and in the big square were it says 'blog posts', click on edit in the bottom right corner and you can get the reactions on your blog there! Hope that makes since!!


Giann said...

Yes it does!
Thanks alot!