the past few days have been, beautiful.

It's been perfect~ the air is breezy, warm. The sky is sunny, and the trees are gold. perfect.

I love the evenings. The sunsets are beautiful.

Lately we have been going to a park down the road from us, and playing in the big field. After a long day it feels pretty good to go running through it, and playing on the swings and playground with the boys. :)
I know--
i'm a big baby at heart!:)

I've been using these past few days to wear flip-flops for the last few times-- feel the sun on my legs for the last few times-- and wear my summer clothes for the last few times~ Saying goodbye to summer is a little sad, but I love the coziness of autumn/winter.

The sunsets, and open area, are also perfect for shadow pictures~
I love how the sun reflects on the lens.
The sunset, a couple nights ago~
The sky has been so blue the past few days. Not a cloud in the sky. :)
{Levi one afternoon, when I was taking some fall pictures of him-- he loved the bucket!}

and... the biggest news...

we found a house!! and we really LOVE it!

We are, Lord willing, going to be closing on it this coming Friday~ Please pray that everything goes through!!

I will post pictures of it soon...~


Shelle said...

I love the sunlight in these pics! Beautiful!

Meredith said...

awesome pics!
and congrats on finding a house! i just recently moved (across the entire country tho) so i know it can be hard. but when you finally get moved into your house, and you start making memories, and your family loves it, it becomes a home. and its really great :)
im praying everything will work out for you and your family.

Giann said...

Yay!! You found a house!! Wait. where have y'all been staying then?? jw.

I love the picture of Levi and the sun pictures!


Alexandra! said...

That looks nice...

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

so many great images :)

Abigail said...

I am so happy fall is here! It's so cool and breezy outside! And like you said- not a cloud in the sky... Gorgeous. I LoVe this weather! =D Praise God for being gracious enough to let us feel the cool and the warmth, letting us see the season change!!!! (Though, you really don't see a change where I am in Florida)
Congrats on finding a house! Where do you live? (state)

Giving GOD the Glory!

Abigail and Lydia said...

Hi Abby~
The Fall weather is gorgeous! I don't really feel comfortable with sharing where I live on the interent,( not that I couldn't trust you :) , but there are some people out there, that I would rather them not knowing!) but I will say that I live in the south. :)

Thanks for the comment~ I enjoy hearing from you!