make me laugh

For mine and Abigail's birthdays, my parents gave us a visit to the spa!

It was heavenly. wonderful. relaxing. peaceful. and perfect.

We had a wonderful time~
We got a back and shoulder passage, a facial, and pedicure.
my dad specifically asked for women to do everything-- I wouldn't feel very comfortable with a man doing it! ;)

on the way home Titus had this little conversation with me~

Titus: "Did the men do anything?"
me: "no".
Titus: "Good-- I don't want any men touching on my sister!"

he never ceases to make me laugh!
if you think he is protective now, you can just imagine what he will be like in about six years, and Lily Kate is bigger! ;)

By the way~ Today is Titus 7th birthday!!
He is so cute, when Mama asked Him if He was having a good day, He said, "Yes! I love this day!".
He is so sweet~

Love you Buddy! Hope you have a great Birthday!!


We have had four birthdays in our house, in the last two months-- I will just do one big birthday post soon!



Shelle said...

That's an amazing gift! I've never been to a spa. Kinda makes me nervous. :)

Emily Grace said...

Sounds like you had fun! and happy belated birthday to you. =)
Your brother is so cute! I have a little brother named Titus also, but he doesn't turn seven until February. ;) I think he is quite cute (and I'm not biased at all), but he doesn't like me calling him that.
God bless and have a great day!

Sister in Christ,
Emily Grace

Alexandra! said...

That's funny!
Happy birthday Titus!

MEGoo Photography said...

That is cute :)
Happy 7th Birthday Titus!!