a night with my boys

tonight I am babysitting the boys.

it is not an easy job. our conversations go a little like this~

"you are really making me mad, PLEASE stop!!!"
"i'm not going to tell you again!"
"eat every bite of your salad."
"do I have to eat all of it?"
"Yes! All of it!!!"

yeah, we really have a fun time. :)

no, seriously it isn't that bad. usually. {grin}

I asked Gabe to give Levi a bath. Levi was doing something, so Gabe was in Mama and Daddy's bedroom, playing with a balloon while waiting for him to finish whatever he was doing. (He uses his time very wisely, don't you think? ☺}

He was bopping the balloon back and forth which makes a very annoying sound. So~

me: "Can you please stop doing that?"
gabe: "Yeah, do you want me to shut the door and do it?"

okay. can you tell me, (beacause I have yet to find out), why it is so hard to stop. Just stop. When someone asks you to. Why would I want him to shut the door and do it. Even more, why would I care?!?! I wasn't mad.. I thought it was a little funny.
My brothers are funny. They are weird. They are gross. They make me mad. They make me laugh. They make me cry.

I love them.

We are now happily residing on the couch, watching "Little House on the Prarie"~ All is well that ends well.


Sisters of Grace said...

Haha... although I don't have younger brothers I do have younger sisters and I know what that can be like!!:).

I love the picture of you and your brothers!


Emily Grace said...

That sounds very much what I was doing tonight! Only they were running around and chasing each other on the roof...bad. bad. very bad idea. but thankfully nobody was hurt. ;)
All is well that ends well! =)
God Bless!

Sister in Christ,
Emily Grace

Abigail said...

Hi! My name is Abigail!
I found yours and your sisters blog from a comment at Carlotta's (Pastor's Girls Ponderings) blog!
I am also 13! If you don't mind me saying- You are a very pretty young lady and have GORGEOUS hair! My hair's red, and tends to be on the frizzy side. :(
I live in Florida and my dad is a pastor. (I was born in North Carolina) Where do you live? (like, what state, not town, if you are not allowed to tell, I would understand)
It is so nice to find more Christian you ladies with blogs! :) I will continue reading your blog!

Giving GOD the Glory!

Alexandra! said...

I have a little brother too! :]
Love him too!
I love the second picture!