..**~ the promised post..**~

I realize that I didn't do that post that I promised to do. I tried. I have worked on it. But I never got it finished, and ready to post. So. Here I am. Ready.to.post.

{notice Titus looking at me, like I'm an idiot, and Lily Kate looking like, "I cannot believe she is doing that!"!}

these were taken a few days ago of Lily Kate, and Me, by Gabe. Thanks Bud! ;)
this is Lily Kate sittin' pretty, before falling off. She didn't get hurt. :)


This week has been so busy. Not because we did a ton of stuff, and were gone everyday, it was just the time  that school took, then doing things around the house, and all the that other stuff. There are times that I just wanted to run into my room, and dive under the covers-- which, realistically, you can't. So, I just take a deep breath, and...screamed. Well, I don't scream, but I feel like it sometimes. So I just try to be kind, and not scream. Which it usually goes better that way. :)
well~ One morning  I was laying in bed one morning, reading my Bible, when I heard Titus screaming for me downstairs.  "LYDIA, LYDIA, LYDIA". {it wasn't because he was hurt or anything, He just needed me for something. yes, at eight o'clock in the morning, when I was still laying in bed. I know eight o'clock sounds pitiful to some of you early birds out there, but I am not an early bird. *wink*}. So, I finally yelled back to him, and asked him what he wants. He said that Mama wants Me. So I climb out of bed, and ran down two flights of stairs, and wnet out side in my lepord print pajama shorts, and "Homeschool Rocks" T-shirt. {I like to sleep in style *wink*.} Mama says wants to take my birthday pictures. So-- if you think my eyes look like my eyes look sleepy, it's because they are. :)
{Me trying to make Lily Kate happy-- Don't I look corny? :) }

A couple of days ago we went to a farm to pick apples. It felt very fallish~ which I loved. Fall time is such a beautiful and cozy season!


I have a bunch of pictures from my cousin Emily's wedding, my birthday, and some others, that I need to post, so I will put those in another post~ But for now, I am going to read blogs before "19 Kids & Counting" comes on.

Have a wonderful evening!


Michelle Pell said...

Lydia, you are a beautiful girl! and your photography is gorgeous!

Giann said...

Love your pics! I could eat that Lily Kate up! ;) I especially like the one of her "sittin' pretty" and the first one of your birthday pics!

btw, Happy Birthday!!

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