sLowInG dOWn.

The last week...wait? How long has it been exactly?

I guess it has been about a week and a few days but anyway.

They have been crazy. We have been living out of suit cases and boxes. I am officially sick of it. I have spent the spent the past the nights in the past week in six different places. :/ If you think about it, that's a lot of unpacking, and packing up the car. We have packed and un-packed the car a total of 13 times. I am officially sick of that too. :)

I don't even really know where to start. so much has

I feel like I have been gone for *weeks*.

There has been ups and downs. Leaving our little house that we lived in for less than a year was sad. {Yes, that is also the house that we hated the first time we saw it, and vowed we would never cry when we left it. :)}  Our dearly loved, cat Lizzy, ran away. When my dad opened the door to his truck to turn in the keys of our house at the rental place, when we were about to leave, she jumped out, and ran away. He tried to get her back, but she didn't want to come, and ran off. We loved her while we had her, and hopes she finds a nice new home with another family. We Love you, Lizzy!


There was this fabulous public swimming pool there. It was so fun. I felt foolish doing my high school musical jumps off the bouncy diving boards. Or even those, great frog jumps, but it was to much fun to think what others thought of me. But I have this thing for public swimming pools, with life guards. I don't like life guards. I feel there eyes watching me, and every move I make, even through their sunglasses. I had a bad experience with a life guard when I was little. I think it ruined me for life. :) But to my great relief I didn't get called on, or yelled at. And I didn't forget to not run. I was proud of myself. ☺

We didn't get any pictures of us swimming though... I guess we were having to much fun! :)


i'm finally going to post this post~ it's been sitting in my drafts box for a couple of days now. I've just been to lazy not finish it up, and post it. Sorry~ I know it's been a little lonely around here lately. :)

I will probably just put a few pictures in the next several post. But for now here are some that I took~

{the two little boys by the river splashing.}

These pictures are taken when we were riding down the long country roads. Can you tell I like barns?
This one picture is just a random one that I took when we were down by the falls and the sun was setting. I added a little piece fo lyrics from the newest song on my playlist {first song on there}. And, yes, I realize that you are not supposed to spell 'to' like that, when using it like this. Does that make since?? I meant 'too', sorry about that!

I will post some more later~

Thanks for reading...



Hannah said...

Love the barn photos! They are so fun. =)

Alexandra! said...

Have y'all officelly moved into y'alls house yet?

Shannon said...

Very cool pictures! Thanks for posting! :-)
Have a great day and God bless,

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