because yesturday was the last day of summer..

beacause today was the first day of fall..

because leaves are starting to change..

because I love fall time..

because I love barns..

because there are a lot of barns where I live..

because I have 1 lb. of "Bob's" soft peppermint candy sitting by my bed..

because tomorrow is the last day of school-- the next day I get off to celebrate my birthday..

because I have a little sister that smiles a lot..

because I am a night owl..

and because I am going to drink a cup of tea tonight..

I am going to do a long post tomorrow~
stay tuned..


Sisters of Grace said...

Looking forward to your long postt tommorow!
I love your new header, the colors are so fall-ish:).


Giann said...

Beautiful photos! Looking forward to the next post! :)

Hannah said...

Love the photos! (And your new header is great!)

Olivia Coy said...

You are so gorgeous!!!

lahni said...

gorgeous photos!I love them, and the song playing in the backround I love too!Have a great day!
~Lahni Blair