birthdays, Levi, and things that make me laugh.

Tomorrow is my birthday. It kind of just hit me. It has been so busy lately, I haven't thought much about it, unlike, when I was younger, I would start planning my party two months before. :)

I love birthdays. Mine, and others. It is such a happy time~ when there are birthdays around our house, it's a big deal. My family always make me feel so special on my birthday, and goes all out. I've got a good family. ☺

Yesterday Mama told me about a conversation that she had with Levi. He had gotten a balloon from the Library the day before, and he was playing with it, and said, "I think I will give my balloon to Lydia for her birthday." Mama said, "Levi that is so sweet of you!", then Levi said, "Uhh, Nah". ;) He'd rather keep it to himself-- that's okay. As long as he keeps me laughing, he can keep his balloon! :)

Levi is playing "Dog" with the boys. Titus just asked Him if he could be a dog. Levi said, "Nope, your my son"... somehow that just doesn't sound quite right.. what do you think? :)

Lily Kate is sitting in my lap eating a whole piece of toast-- I think she is feeling a bit overwhelmed.. or maybe independent!? {grin}
Have a great Friday!


Sisters of Grace said...

Happy b-day a day early:).


Alexandra! said...

That's funny! ;)

Happy birthday Lydia! :]


lahni said...

Happy Birthday Lydia! I hope you have a great day!

Olivia Coy said...

Happy {late} Birthday Lydia!!!!