So Yesterday Mama volunteered me to lay down with Levi so he would take a nap without crying a pitching a fit.... so I gave him a bath when we came inside and was all dirty, then fed him lunch.... alright now after getting him ready and we lay down in his room, he decided that instead of taking a nap he would take this time to show off his great snoring noises the only problem is, is that His "baby sitter", doesn't find it very funny after a while. So when I try to tell him to lay down and take a nap and that I was going to lay down next to him, and read my book, he wants to read a book too, when I tell him that he can't, he starts snapping is fingers and finds it very humerus! = )
So he didn't want to lay down with me while I read, he didn't want to stay still, he kept wanting water, and really didn't want to take a nap period. So I just stuck him in his bed while, he babbled away and I read away! = ) Then after that didn't work either, I went and got a classical music Cd,and played it, and believe it or not he was fast asleep in five minutes! I was so happy!
But last night when it came time for him to go to bed, he didn't want to, so, Daddy got the fine job of taking care of him until he decided he wanted to lay down when mama went to bed. But before that I went into my parents room, and found Daddy half way asleep in the bed, Lily Kate in her bassinet, and there was Levi laying between them, looking at books, wide awake! Later when He came into my room with daddy to say goodnight, to mama, Abigail,and me he changed his mind, about finally going to sleep and wanted to stay up some more, so Daddy told him he would into the living room, To watch something on the TV..... but before they got as far to doing that Levi went to bed with mama, and slept all night!
So there you have it, the story of how Levi's sleeping habits have been like!


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Anonymous said...

I gess he just could not go to sleep like me, I went to bed at 9:00 but I didn't go to sleep till about 10:45 or later. :P But at 2:00 a.m. Clayton was hungry then when mamma got him someting to eat he only took at bite and then he startd crying because mamma didn't want he in the bed with her. (by the way daddy went to bed donwstairs because he watches TV and sometimes falls asleep.:))anyway he started crying (agian) and wanted mamma to take him downstairs to daddy, well she didn't so went I asked him what he wanted all he said was mamma please! Mamma please! I then mamma let him in the bed. So I was eating and watching all this go on and when I put the food on the nightstand Clayton was hungry again. then he want to bed (with mamma). :)