Do Hard Things.

Abigail recently got the book "Do Hard Things" from the library. It is written by Alex and Brett Harris. Now hearing the term "Do Hard Things", several times while Abigail was sharing their philosophy with my aunt at my grandparents house, I began to feel pressured to "Do Hard Things", when we would go out to their pool in the backyard. I have a fear of Diving into the swimming pool, not because it is deep, not because I don't feel like it, it is just that I have a fear of water going up my nose, as soon as I hit the water. Now it may seem odd, but I would make my self feel depressed thinking about how I couldn't dive, yet my six yr. old cousin could. Yes, I know it is silly, but it did. So I gathered the little courage that I had, as I stood there on the diving board staring into the water, and wondering how much would go up my nose.... then all of the sudden I closed my eyes, and dove in, yes, it may have been ugly, I may have looked like a dead duck, but I did hard things. = ) Just what I was going for! I also have learned to swim without plugging my nose, or wearing goggles, I have learned to swim underwater with my eyes open, and I have learned to flip off the diving board! Yay! I am very happy.
So I complete this post, happy, accomplished feeling, and pleased!
Have a good week, and don't forget to "Do Hard Things".


Giann said...

I Love that book! You should read it!

The Sisters said...

Hi Giann-
yes, My sister loved it. I think I will read it!


Gran said...

Way to go, Lydia. I am proud of you. See you soon. Love - Grandma

~Lulu said...
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~Eliza said...

I ahven't learned ot swim yet...working on that...:-)

The Sisters said...

Hi Gran-
Thanks. I didn't want to be the only grandchild not learning how to dive in your pool = ) Love you.
Can't wait to see you either!


Hi Eliza-
Good luck!